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Tuesday, February 07, 2023
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Dieze Sothu releases extended play ‘18’ in Kohima

By Thejoto Nienu Updated: Jun 18, 2021 10:51 pm
Advisor Zale Neikha (L) releasing extended play ’18’ by Dieze Sothu (R) on Friday in Kohima. EM Images

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Kohima, June 18 (EMN): Extended play titled ‘18’ by a 24-year-old artiste, Diezelhou Sothu who goes by the stage name Dieze Sothu was released by Advisor for Youth Resources and Sports, Zale Neikha in Kohima on June 18.

Speaking during the brief yet solemn programme, Neikha expressed happiness and congratulated the young artiste for coming up with the songs composed by Dieze Sothu.

He also pointed out that God had given mankind with different gifts and talents which he said is a blessing. He also added that not everyone can become a musician, IAS, IPS, Doctor or Engineers but one must utilise with what one is gifted.

Further Neikha urged Dieze Sothu to be perseverant and work harder to excel with his talents in days to come.

Meanwhile the Dieze Sothu shared that he is not professionally trained but self learned and said, “even though I am not professionally trained in music, with the little knowledge I gained and the melodies that played inside my head, I tried to make the best use of it by jotting down my thoughts and bringing them to life.”

He said, “I sing to express, not just impress so each time I put up a music, my sole purpose and motive is that someone somewhere out there who is listening can relate to it and express their emotions, the same goes to the tracks on (My) Extended Play (EP) as well”.

Sothu says that he is a person who loves to explore the inspiration behind the songs that he expressed his belief and love ‘it has helped me a lot in the process of my songwriting as well’.

He shares that he is a lover of Naga artistes that he encounters and looks up to Alobo Naga, Nise Meruno, Mengu Suokhrie and Jonathan Yhome among the others.

He also added that Jonathan Yhome’s extended play released a couple of years back was his biggest source of inspiration for extended play.

He informed that his extended plays were recorded at Jam Studio 11 Dimapur, mixed and mastered by Temjen Jamir.

Sothu also extended his appreciation to Advisor for TaFMA, Theja Meru, Project Director Dr. Hovithal and the whole team of TAFMA for the opportunities that they have provided and shaped him besides that he also acknowledged those who were involved for the production and other roles.

The extended play ‘18’ has a total of five tracks and will be available to stream on all major streaming platforms like TIDAL; Apple Music; iTunes; Spotify and others.

By Thejoto Nienu Updated: Jun 18, 2021 10:51:07 pm