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Tuesday, February 20, 2024
Nagaland, Phek

Colonialism detached Nagas from culture, says Nüzota Swüro at Sökrönye

By Thejoto Nienu Updated: Jan 15, 2024 11:13 pm
Nüzota Swüro with officials of Chakhesang Public Organisation and other dignitaries on Monday. (EM Images)

PHEK — Naga ancestors believed in animism and religiously followed various practices for fear of nature and its ‘good spirit’, said former legislator Nüzota Swüro, who is currently the chairman of the Nagaland Bamboo Development Agency (NDBA).

Asserting that certain taboos controlled the whole society during the olden days, he said there are practices that are still religiously followed by the Naga people even after embracing Christianity.

He was speaking during Sökrönye, a premier festival of the Chakhesang tribe, on Monday. It was organised by the Chakhesang Public Organisation (CPO) in collaboration with the Department of Tourism and hosted by Khomi in Phek district.

While pointing out the culture of the elders being revered and respected, besides the practice of pure democracy among the Tenyimi community, he stressed the need to uphold the good practices of the past.

Meanwhile, Swüro asserted that Christianity, which introduced education, brought about a wholesome enlightenment, making a huge generational impact in the life of the Nagas, while psychological warfare that came with colonialism caused detachment from their rich culture and traditional heritages.

In this regard, he stressed the need to look back and consider cultural practices and attire as God’s gifts, which should be revered, sanctified and used to honour and glorify God’s creation.

While urging the younger generation to revisit their rich culture and heritage, he said the environment and natural resources should be protected and preserved. He also implored the church leadership to properly explain what is sinful and what is not.

Speaking about Sökrönye, he said it is a festival of sanctification and purification for men, while calling upon the Chakhesang community to contribute to society.

Earlier in the programme, Vice-president of Chakhesang Cultural Organisation (CCO) Kedutsolhi Wetsah, in his greetings, asked the community to forge unity and friendship while urging the village to respect their festival and culture.

Sharing about the significance of the occasion, Suneyi Vadeo said that out of seven festivals of the Chakhesang tribe, Sökrönye is the most important festival and urged the parents to educate their children about the practices of event.

The significance of Sökrönye festival was presented by Suneyi Vadeo and he said that out of the seven festivals of the Chakhesang tribe Sökrönye festival is the most important and premier festival. He asked the parents to educate their children about the practices of the festival.

On the occasion, former CPO president Yelhüsu Tureng pronounced the blessings for the Chakhesang community, while president of Khomi Public Organisation (KPO) Phethosü Nakro delivered the welcome address and CPO Secretary Rüyovo Keyho delivered the vote of thanks.

The event saw several cultural events by Jessami Cultural Troupe, Chakhesang Cultural Organisation (CCO), and various villages such as Khomi, Losami, Pholami, and Sumi.

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By Thejoto Nienu Updated: Jan 15, 2024 11:13:42 pm
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