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Chumoukedima can be called a ‘mini Nagaland’ — Rio

By Livine Khrozhoh Updated: Jun 29, 2022 8:31 pm
Neiphiu Rio

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Dimapur, June 29 (EMN):
Chumoukedima, the 15th district of Nagaland, was formally inaugurated by Chief Minister of Nagaland, Neiphiu Rio, on Wednesday.

Addressing the crowd during the programme at DC office complex, Rio stated that Chumoukedima district would be called the “land of opportunities”, because there are well established central institutions — three universities as well as good colleges — health facilities, and good connectivity, “which have huge potential for economic activities.”

He asserted that Chumoukedima district would become an intellectual hub and a highly economically viable district. He also said that Dimapur remains a ‘miniature India’ because it houses all the nationalities while Chumoukedima can be called a ‘mini Nagaland’, and thus expressed hope that there will be unity and progress as “we dream of good things for us and for the future”.

 “Nagaland is a tribal state and from the beginning, the districts  were created according to the compact area of the tribals and even today, the tribals want to have their own district, in which some are viable and some not, however, given the weightage and importance of the tribes, more districts were created,” he said.

Speaking about Shamator district, which will be called ‘brotherhood district’, he shared that there were lots of issues but they could eventually come to an understanding and an “ultimate district in principal was agreed with some conditions that the demarcation of the district should be concretised and also the Tikhir tribe should get recognition.”

Further, Rio stated that the government has been steadfast in its efforts and commitment towards bringing all round development in the state.

With the expansion of the district headquarters, he asked the Chumoukedima villagers and neighbouring villages to cooperate by giving or selling their lands to the government for further development and to extend cooperation to the administration and policies.

CP Dimapur to look after 3 distircts

Rio informed that though new districts had been created– Niuland and Chumoukedima — the government had decided that the Commissioner of Police, Dimapur will look after the three districts because it is “too easy for the law breakers to commit crime in one district and move into another district”.

“And if you do not have a combined operation, it will be difficult to nab the culprit, and it is well managed and effective so far”, he explained and expressed hope that the police will be active in keeping the crime rate low and law breakers in check.

Advisor for Sericulture, Excise and Minority Affairs, Zhaleo Rio, said that Chumoukedima is a conglomeration of all tribes including minorities, and even though there was a ‘bitter start, let us forget the past and love one another in the spirit of family and march forward. Let there be unity and peace and we can be a model district of Nagaland state.’

Jacob Zhimomi, Minister of Public Health and Engineering Department (PHED), said that there has to be more townships for socio-political and economic development, to meet the aspirations of the younger and present generation and to see that all citizens of the state are given avenues to start their livelihood.

MLA Azheto Zhimomi, also stated that the inauguration of Chumoukedima district was about healing and renewing of ties among tribes, communities and a hope for finding greater common good.

He opined that the creation of Chumoukedima district was a win-win case for all.

“Since the district is inhabited by people with diverse culture and customs, we must constantly seek for unity in diversity where the rule of the law and safeguard of the rights of minorities are to be guarding principles,” he said.

He also emphasised that Chumoukedima district had countless potential for rapid economic growth and development.He, therefore, appealed to everyone to be part of the vision and to work hand-in-hand for transformation of Chumoukedima into a district par excellence.

By Livine Khrozhoh Updated: Jun 29, 2022 8:31:52 pm