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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Assam Rifles conducts medical camps, distributes solar lights

By EMN Updated: Sep 07, 2023 9:39 pm
Assam Rifles
People of Nyasa village, Mon, with the solar lights distributed by the Assam Rifles.

DIMAPUR — The Assam Rifles organised a friendship medical camp at the Indo-Myanmar border in Nagaland to spread smiles across the border and assisted in the birth of a baby girl who was later named ‘Chingmai’ by her parents, which means peace in Konyak language.

The medical camp was attended by 205 locals from the Haukyat village cluster in Myanmar and 20 locals from the Indian side. According to a press release, the locals on both sides expressed their heartfelt gratitude for the first-of-its-kind friendship camp.

Solar lights for Wakching Chingla, Nyasa village

Assam Rifles and Sunbird Trust collaborated to provide 160 solar lights to residents of Wakching Chingla.

According to an Assam Rifles press release, the lights will provide much-needed illumination and security to the community, which had previously been without electricity.

The lights were distributed to community households, with priority given to those in most need. The recipients expressed their appreciation for the lights, which they said would make a significant difference in their lives.

On September 5, the Assam Rifles distributed 216 solar lights at Nyasa village in Mon as part of the ‘Illuminate lives for a brighter future’ campaign in collaboration with Sunbird Trust and Schneider Electric.

A total of 216 houses in the village were presented with solar lights.

Meeting with ex-servicemen

Assam Rifles organised a meeting with ex-servicemen and influential people at Chare, Tuensang.

The purpose of the interaction was to connect with ex-servicemen in order to address their concerns about pension, medical, and CSD facilities. Solar lights were also distributed to residents of Chare on the occasion.

The meeting was attended by 25 ex-servicemen and 19 GBs.

Free medical camp at Chare

The Assam Rifles held a two-day free medical checkup camp in Chare on September 5 and 6, with the goal of providing free and essential healthcare, such as medical, dental, and opthalmologist support, to locals in areas where medical facilities are remote or inaccessible.

A total of 532 patients, including 111 children, received treatment during the camp.

Conducts ‘a day with company commander’

On September 5, the Assam Rifles organised a ‘day with company commander’ in Athibung town, Peren district, with the goal of sparking patriotism, motivation, and ambition among the school students.

During the event, the COB visited the students and gave a motivational speech. The children participated in fun activities such as a painting competition, marble balance game, 100-metre sprint, and aiming game with a tennis ball.

The students also interacted with Assam Rifles personnel, and the company commander expressed his appreciation to all of the students.

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