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AIDA organises workshop on equality of opportunities

By EMN Updated: Aug 21, 2023 7:59 pm
A resource person speaking during the workshop on ‘Equality of opportunity – Article 16,’ at Cornerstone College, Dimapur, on Aug 21.

DIMAPUR — In a significant step towards promoting equal opportunities for all, the ANMA Integrated Development Association (AIDA), Child Friendly Dimapur (CFD), organised a one-day workshop ‘Equality of opportunity – Article 16,’ on Monday.

The workshop was at Cornerstone College, Dimapur, with the objective to raise awareness about the rights enshrined in Article 16 of the Indian Constitution, an update informed.

“The workshop, driven by the desire to address the growing concern of unemployment among youths, garnered the participation of 77 students and educators. The resource persons leading the sessions were luminaries in their respective fields, providing valuable insights into the nuances of employment, career choices, and the pressing need for equitable opportunities,” it stated.

Florida Jigdong, facilitator from IBM SkillsBuild and YouthNet, ignited the discourse by presenting factual data regarding unemployment.

She drew attention to the alarming increase in unemployed youth in the state and highlighted the gravity of the situation. Jigdong also dwelled on topics including the world of work, prerequisites for a successful career, available resources for career exploration, emerging fields of opportunity and job prospects in Nagaland.

Additionally, she also shed light on state and national-level schemes designed to tackle unemployment. The participants were led through a self-assessment exercise by Jigdong and Sutiba Sangtam, both facilitators from IBM SkillsBuild and YouthNet.

This exercise aimed to help participants reflect on their own skills and interests, fostering a deeper understanding of their potential career paths, it stated.

Prior to the session, Garrol Lotha, project coordinator of Child Friendly Dimapur (CFD), delved into the intricacies of ‘Equality of Opportunity – Article 16’ as outlined in the Indian Constitution.

With reference to both the Indian Constitution and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, she emphasised the rights of children, the challenges they face and the path forward in promoting these rights.

She encapsulated her presentation with the “3E’s” – Educate, Empower and Execute – the rights, inspiring attendees to become advocates for equal opportunities.

Gaisanglung, civil society mobilisation officer at CFD, also facilitated a thought-provoking sharing and evaluation session.

Engaging in discussions, participants expressed their aspiration to follow the footsteps of inspiring adults, their newfound knowledge about Article 16, and a heightened inclination towards inclusivity.

They also pledged to pay closer attention to the needs of the differently-abled and to expand their horizons when seeking opportunities, shifting their focus beyond government jobs alone.

“The workshop proved to be an enriching platform for fostering a greater understanding of the vital importance of equal opportunities as outlined in Article 16 of the Indian Constitution.

“By empowering participants with knowledge and awareness, the event took a significant step towards shaping a more inclusive and equitable society for all,” it stated.

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By EMN Updated: Aug 21, 2023 7:59:40 pm
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