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Monday, May 20, 2024
Kohima, Nagaland

A book ‘A Naga odyssey: Visier’s long way home’ released in Kohima

By Thejoto Nienu Updated: May 11, 2024 9:54 pm
A Naga odyssey
Dr. Alongla Aier, Visier Meyasetsu Sanyü, Vishü Rita Krocha and others during the book launch at Rivenburgs Memorial Hall of Baptist College in Kohima on Saturday. (EM Images)

KOHIMA — A book titled ‘A Naga odyssey: Visier’s long way home’ (second edition), written by Visier Meyasetsu Sanyü with Richard Broome and published by PenThrill Publication House, was launched at Rivenburgs Memorial Hall of the Baptist College in Kohima on Saturday.

The book was released by Dr. Alongla Aier, emeritus professor of English and Communication at Oriental Theological Seminary, Dimapur, in the presence of Visier’s family and well-wishers.

Speaking at the launch event, Dr. Aier described the book as powerful personal story of Visier, who overcame all odds. She added that the book dwelled on the gripping Naga story of struggle for survival and fulfillment.

Dr. Aier pointed out that the book not only speaks about Naga people’s struggle to protect their lands and borders but rather deeply entrenched at the core about their identity and rights.

While maintaining that Naga nation was established and would not go away, she was of the opinion that the only way to destroy the people was to deny their identity, facts and journey.

She further expressed optimism that Nagas would do well and remain under God’s care.

Meanwhile, Visier Meyasetsu Sanyü said, “The Naga odyssey is not just my story but your story, it is not my odyssey but your odyssey. This Naga voyage and also the personal odyssey is also about my own family, my own clan, the people and our political situation as you know is a very difficult challenge.”

Expressing concern over mushrooming of factions, Visier stated that the Naga voyage is going through troubled waters and made comparison with that of a Titanic ship which hit an iceberg sunk into an ocean as the person, who was supposed to keep on watch went off to sleep. In this regard, he maintained that Nagas will hit something and never make a return if they continue to sleep.

Also speaking on the occasion, the publisher of PenThrill Publication House, Vishü Rita Krocha, informed that the book marked its 87th publication. She stated that the book tells a fascinating journey of Visier, who grew up in village barefooted during the most turbulent time of Naga history.

She added that the book provided first-hand information and accounts of somebody who have experiences of time that many have not seen. She further stated that the book should connect them and be passed on.

By Thejoto Nienu Updated: May 11, 2024 9:54:04 pm
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