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ZYF reiterates non cooperation against Longmai village

By EMN Updated: Jan 17, 2014 11:54 pm

Imphal, January 17

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he Zeliangrong Youth Front (ZYF) has reiterated its earlier stand on “non-cooperation movement” to Longmai (Noney) village for its alleged failure to justify and clarify the physical assaults meted upon ZYF leaders .
Stating that its earlier stating remain unchanged, ZYF has accused the villagers of Longmai (Noney) of harbouring and providing refuge to individuals who allegedly attacked ‘ZYF leaders’. The ZYF leaders were picked up from Reangkhung village , about 7km away from Longmai (Noney) village, by groups who were well equipped with blunt deadly weapons such as sticks, clubs etc, the statement alleged. ZYF alleged that the attack was led by Namdourei Dangmei, Hindi teacher and Head master incharge, Ashram school, Longmai (Noney); Dailin Kamei, Assistant teacher, Tamenglong District school; Lanthuiguang (Bungkhai) Kamei, Secretary, Village Authority Longmai (Noney) while the ZYF leaders were enforcing democratic agitation of people common cause.The ill treatment meted out to ZYF leaders was also supported by Chuangdi Kamei, LDC, Ashram School and also Secretary, Peikai (village customary court) Longmai (Noney), Namthuangong Kamei, Field Assistant of Veterinary Department also former Secretary, Longmai Bazar Board and AdaiDangmei, it alleged.
On its decision of non cooperation against the incident the ZYF states that the practice is not a new method but based on traditional and customary practices of the Zeliangrong community . Such measures of protest the ZYF claimed, is in place whenever any family of a village violates rules or breaches common understanding to pursue common cause of the people of the village. Ex-communication is also in order until and unless the family realized its mistake and apologized, the statement adds.
The ZYF states Longmai (Noney) village failed to give justification and clarification for the criminal activities of individuals who are allegedly behind the attack of ZYF leaders.
The silence has been interpreted as concealing the facts and backing of these individuals.
The non cooperation will continue to be enforced for the sake of better understanding among the people of the community especially on serious issues, added the release.
The ZYF said its decision is not to harass the innocent public but to highlight criminal activities of these persons for their vested interest and purposes and to create awareness about the importance human rights which cannot be compromised for sake of these vested interested individuals. It is also an opportunity given to the village to let these criminal mindset individuals change their character and mend their ways.
The Zeliangrong Youth Front is a non political, non profitable community youth based social organization as such whenever any crimes is committed by anybody or be it by security forces, army personnel, underground groups, the crime perpetrated upon unarmed and innocent civilian. It is not the tradition and practices of ZYF to conceal facts or cover up crimes against humanity butwill highlight for general public information and to let law take its own course.

By EMN Updated: Jan 17, 2014 11:54:05 pm