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ZYF cautions ‘unmandated group’ against disruptive activities

By EMN Updated: Aug 21, 2016 11:19 pm

DIMAPUR, AUGUST 21: Zeliangrong Youth Front (ZYF), in its executive meeting cum public interaction held on August 18 in Chuanghun village, Senapati district, had discussed various social problems and issues relating to Zeliangrong people particularly living in the States of Assam, Manipur and Nagaland.
The house had particularly discussed on (i) Present prevailing situation in Zeliangrong areas; (ii) Developmental works/ activities in Zeliangrong areas; (iii) Interference by unauthorized group(s)/ gang on land dispute issue of some villages; (iv) Group/ gang formed by some individuals with the objective to collect illegal tax on Zeliangrong villages etc.
The house had taken strong exception to the confusion created by few individuals by forming an ‘unmandated/ unrecognised groups/ bodies’ such as the so called “Rongmei Naga Youth Organization” (RNYO) at the instigation and support of some individuals just to utilise the group to serve their vested interest. The house felt that the confusion created by these individuals has the potential to lead to uneventful incident and sow the seed of distrust and enmity among the innocent public which could have adverse impact on the upcoming younger generation.
The house, therefore, decided to appeal to all concerned not to meddle into the affairs of the Zeliangrong people and to spell out their position very clear.
Regarding development works/ activities in Zeliangrong areas, the house decided that to oversee all the developmental works/ activities undergoing in Zeliangrong areas so that the purpose and objective of the works are fulfilled and materialized for the benefit of the public.
The house expressed serious concern over the alleged interference by unauthorized group/ gang particularly on land issue without knowing the historical background, situation and ground reality of Zeliangrong villages. In this regard, the house decided to inform to all the Zeliangrong villages by issuing a notification informing not to entertain unmandated/ unrecognised bodies as they were formed by few individuals with some ulterior motive.
The house also decided to urge all the ministers/ MLAs/ ADCs/ bureaucrats/ village chiefs/ chairmen etc not to give any kind of monetary assistance or extend support to any unmandated/ unrecognized bodies. It said such assistance would be considered as support extended to carry out anti-social and disruptive activities.
Meanwhile, the house decided to organise the 85th Martyrdom Day of Haipou Jadonang in Imphal on August 29 with blood donation camp by the volunteers of the Zeliangrong Youth Front. It also decided to issue Show Cause notice to Wainem village seeking clarification for shifting venue of the meeting at the last moment on the alleged ground of threat and intimidation with dire consequences to the people of the village by RNYO whereas all the necessary preparation and arrangement are already set on the acceptance of the village.
Meanwhile, the house inducted new office bearers namely Johny Pame, Adade Roa and Irang Hau as the joint secretary, development secretary and information & publicity secretary respectively of the ZYF Central for the tenure 2016-2019.
This was stated in a joint statement issued by ZYF president Titus Kamei, general secretary Donponang Daimai, and assistant secretary Gaiganglung Gomei.

By EMN Updated: Aug 21, 2016 11:19:05 pm