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Friday, June 21, 2024
Nagaland, Wokha

Zukhumki Federation holds annual general meeting

By Abenthung Kikon Updated: Jun 08, 2024 9:28 pm
Zukhumki Federation
Dr. Ezao L Ezung speaking during the general meeting in Chukitong town on Saturday.

WOKHA — The Zukhumki Federation held its first annual general meeting at the Chukitong Range Community Hall, Chukitong town with Dr. Ezao L Ezung, block development officer and block mission manager of Rural Development block, Chukitong, as the special guest.

Over two hundred members from nine village-level organisations (VLOs) and 91 self-help groups (SHGs) attended the meeting which was held on Saturday.

Ezung, speaking on the occasion, expressed that the formation and existence of SHGs and VLOs are crucial for achieving economic empowerment and improving the livelihoods of villages, blocks, and sections of society.

Calling for a change in mindset, he expressed that Naga society often focuses on availing loans but neglects generating revenue from the seed money. He encouraged the gathering to abandon such negative practices and to focus on income-generating sources through various government-provided loan schemes.

Stating that Naga society is agrarian, with agriculture as the primary income source, he advised farmers and SHG groups to seek assistance from Nagaland State Rural Livelihoods Mission (NSRLM) staff to extend the shelf life of perishable agricultural products, streamline market channels, and upgrade the supply chain with proper tagging, registration, and licencing. He also urged them to develop products that can be widely sold online.

He also raised awareness about proper waste management and urged all participants to spread the message about the proper disposal of single-use plastic and non-degradable waste.

Samuel Kithan, assistant district programme manager of the District Mission Management Unit, Wokha, encouraged the federation to excel by fulfilling their duties responsibly. He urged the members to prioritise the federation and take ownership of it through active community participation.

Janthungbemo Ezung, block development manager of the Block Mission Management Unit, Chukidong block, highlighted in his speech the significance of each tier under NSRLM in reaching the grassroots. He urged the members to take ownership of NSRLM and their community, emphasising the importance of upholding their duties.

During the session, the best performance awards for VLO, SHGs, VF, bookkeeping, and CSB were presented to the following recipients: Koio VLO, Khoroli SHG, Shanjoro Ngullie (Chukidong), Sulanbeni Kikon (Selokvu), and Zuthunglo Ngullie (Yanthamo).

By Abenthung Kikon Updated: Jun 08, 2024 9:28:19 pm
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