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Monday, May 27, 2024

ZUF greets Zeliangrongpui on ‘Solidarity Day’

By EMN Updated: Mar 31, 2024 7:50 pm

DIMAPUR — Zeliangrong United Front (ZUF) has greeted all the Zeliangrongpui citizens on the occasion of its solidarity day on April 1.

An update from ZUF stated that many Zeliangrongpui elders, leaders and priests took the historic traditional ritual oath of allegiance ceremony namely Nsuktoibe/ Chukthoibo/ Chuksumei on April 1, 1934, in Tamenglong. It stated that on the day of ritual purification, all the leaders strongly resolved to ‘forgive and forget’ all the ill-internal feuds among the brothers in the past and sacrificed pure black dog and a cat without stripes.

The cleansing rite was presided by priest Tadangbe Newme of Magulong and his aides namely Kazeidai Gonmei of Soubunglong, Lunglinbou Newmai of Chakha and Abungson Bariam of Houchong village. It stated that many distinguished leaders from different Zeliangrong areas were witnessed to the event.

As the historic solemnisation with full traditional ceremony was performed on behalf of every single soul of Zeliangrongpui, it stated that every Zelingrongpui should strictly adhere to the oath of Nsuktoibe/ Chukthoibo/ Chuksumei performed by the elders as per our customary rites. It added that whoever violate or abolish the commandments of Nsuktoibe/ Chukthoibo/ Chuksumei would get the curse.

ZUF, therefore, appealed to every household of Zeliangrongpui wherever they are living to offer special prayers on April 1 morning before going out of the door as to respect and remember the 1934 historic purification day.

ZUF further appealed to all the Zeliangrongpui people to unitedly strive hard and promote the bond of love, unity and brotherhood to attain their long-cherished goal and establish a rightful place for themselves.

By EMN Updated: Mar 31, 2024 7:50:15 pm
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