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Sunday, January 29, 2023

ZLSU clarifies statement on Tening-Lekie road project

By EMN Updated: Feb 28, 2022 11:21 pm

Dimapur, Feb. 28 (EMN): Zeliang Students’ Union (ZLSU) on Monday clarified its statement issued on Feb. 25, stating that it was ‘disgruntled’ by the long pending court cases with regard to the Tening-Lekie road project under North East Road Sector Development Scheme (NERSDS).

The union requested all parties involved to ‘refrain from carrying out any work until the court order has been passed’, and had no intention to accuse or blame any individual or party.

It further urged all parties to execute effective developmental work in accordance with the court order.

The Union also called upon all parties to abstain from any developmental activities during the ‘pendency of the case before the court thus creating rooms for delay tactics and inviting multiple litigations hampering the Tening-Lekie Road Project under NERSDS’, it added.

NAPO, Chairman Union Tening Block bat for development

Meanwhile, Nsong Area Public Organisation (NAPO) expressed shock at the statement of Nsong Kebai Public Organisation (NKPO), wherein it was informed that it had held a meeting with the two of its local MLA at Jalukie town on February 17.

NAPO clarified that “nothing such was discussed by the public to call off the work that has been initiated by Ms. Naagaami Infratech Private Limited”.

In this regard, to clear off the confusion, the NAPO has urged the Secretary of NKPO to withdraw the statement made by him “as it doesn’t bear any fact”.

NAPO further stated that ‘developmental work in the area cannot be call off as the development is for the welfare of the people’.

It also asked the civil organisations and individuals to refrain from making ‘any unnecessary statement’ in press and social media.

President of Chairman Union Tening Block, Pelengkeng in a separate statement said that construction of Tening-Lekie, under Peren district, taken up by MS. Naagaami Infratech Private Limited, needs to be completed at the earliest date, adding that quality work must be ensured to serve public interest.

It said that construction of roads has ‘nothing to do with any political parties, social organisations or any other groups for it is a common property where each individual needs active participation so that the most needed development work gets completed’.

The union further said that it would not tolerate any individual or groups who try to hamper the developmental progress, and called on the people from the sub-division to be vigilant and ensure developmental activity in the area, it added.

By EMN Updated: Feb 28, 2022 11:21:31 pm