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Ziony clothing AW16 showcased at Bangalore

By EMN Updated: Aug 19, 2016 9:15 pm

Bangalore based designer Ziony S.Tangsha an emerging local talent who without any formal training has made a name for herself in Bangalore fashion industry with her clothing line ‘Ziony’ opened her latest collections ‘Ziony clothing AW16’ at the Tangkhul Katamnao Long Bangalore (TKLB)Fresher’s meet 2016 at Christ School Bangalore.
The collection tilted ‘Ziony clothing AW16’ was inspired by humanity, tolerance and love mainly living in a city away from home. Rich colours with mixing prints, pattern mixing shapes and floral, harmonious stripes and floral and models paired with colours akin to each other was flaunted, as per the designer Ziony.
The messages behind her pluralistic/mixed colour designs are: Wearing simplicity with gracefulness, Wearing pluralism, which means co-existence of different entities/colours as one, Wearing tolerance, which means learning to live with differences and Unity in diversity, which is the essence of democracy.
In this world filled with chaos due to racism, communalism, wars and most vividly, discrimination against North Easterners in mainland India; the only solution to all these problems is tolerance and believing in the idea of pluralism and unity in diversity says Ziony. Therefore, her inspiration is to promote these democratic and humanistic values through the clothes that she designs with commitment.
Ziony says her inspiration also comes from the true love for her son Thywill Thangsha and her husband Dominic Thangsha. That love inspires her to design father-son matching clothing and also for couples which intend to unite and keep couples to the very end.

By EMN Updated: Aug 19, 2016 9:15:38 pm