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Zhaleo urges students to be agents of change

By EMN Updated: Sep 20, 2014 12:13 am


PARLIAMENTARY secretary for Urban Development, Zhaleo Rio on Friday said the younger generation has the capability to take the Naga society forward, if only they would broaden their horizon and set high benchmarks during their pursuit of education.
Addressing the 23rd annual freshers’ meet of the Nagaland University Kohima Campus, Meriema Post Graduate Students’ Union (PGSU) held at the State Academy Hall, Kohima, the parliamentary secretary reminded the gathering that their forefathers’ lives signified dignity of labour and he encouraged the youth to inculcate this trait and utilize their potentials as they are the materials for a better tomorrow. He asserted that there is no substitute for hard work.
Going by the records, he said Nagaland is a state with the second highest literacy rate in the country, however, he expressed concern that the number of educated unemployed is gradually increasing year after year. He pointed out that as of December 2013, the department of Employment has registered around 63,700 educated unemployed.
“To make your life prosperous is in your own hands,” he told the students and urged them to focus and be sincerely committed in their career and future. Stating that the Nagas have become too dependent on government jobs, he underscored the need for the youth to realize that there are limitless avenues. He emphasized that young Nagas are qualified enough and have the potentials to compete with others and they should start thinking beyond the confines of the state. “No door is closed for those students who are dedicated and who have the commitment to become somebody,” Rio said.
Also, recalling that during his time there were no career guidance programmes and no one to show them the right path and directions, the parliamentary secretary feels that today’s generation is fortunate to have access to these privileges. He called upon the students to keep abreast with the fast advancing technology and use it to their advantage as a tool of knowledge and education. Make the best use of technology for constructive purposes and do not abuse it, he stated.
In order for the state to progress, Zhaleo Rio said Nagas have to realize that they have become too judgmental, and do away with “isms” which has become a setback on the growth of the society.
“Being a predominantly Christian state, we should learn to love one another…..remember that we are one family,” he said. He also stated that looking at the prevalent situation, unless the educated class realize issues that the state is facing and start working hand in hand with all sections of the society, the people will head towards darker period. He said that it is not too late to work collectively towards sustaining a good life and pointed that intellectual youths can take the Naga society forward.
Further, the parliamentary secretary called upon the student community to strive to be responsible citizens and to inculcate good civic sense.
Guest of honour of the occasion, secretary Home & ATI additional director Lithrongla G Chishi also exhorted the students that the time has come for Naga youth to break barriers and bring about positive changes in the society. She stressed on the need to change negative mindsets and adapt to the changing times. “We have to leave behind traditional and conventional thoughts that are negative,” she stated. She encouraged the youth to be responsible and independent and use their talents for a good cause.
The programme was chaired by Ritambhara Tripathi while Walu Imchen delivered a brief speech on behalf of freshers.
The afternoon session was highlighted by fashion show, Mister & Miss PGSU contest and special appearance by LC Sekhose and Hukupa Thulu-o (Mr. International India 2013).

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