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Zeliangrong United Front

By EMN Updated: Feb 28, 2015 9:46 pm

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he incident that occurred on 27th February, 2015 in the border of Luangreng village and Tamlok village by the combine forced of Indian army and NSCN-IM against the Zeliangrong United Front (ZUF) is one of the most acrimonious incident ever happened in Tamenglong district by a so called ‘the friends of hill people’ and the NSCN-IM an ‘acclaimed Nagas Nationalist’ toward uprooting the ZUF and creating situation of security in the Zeliangrong area. The ZUF were unaware on the coalition of Indian Army with NSCN-IM but surprised to know 3 dead and 5 injured jawans of Indian army in a conflict between NSCN-IM and ZUF. Hence the ZUF want to know how and when the Indian Army collaborated and joint hands with their long-term enemy NSCN-IM. The Front knows that there is no long term friend and no long term enemy in pursuit of power, but it has no logic for the nation’s protector in tying-hands with the nation enemy. Is this a 21st century military strategy of the Indian Army or a new policy to subjugate our people through creating chaos and violation of human rights by imposing treachery idea? The ZUF reiterate our position that we are not against any insurgent groups and neighboring ethnic groups nor enemy to the Indian institutional bodies. However, the ZUF stands up asserting our rights and freedom from the nuts of various exploitative measures imposed by the British and the Government of India in the past. The ZUF only reaffirmed to demand the Government of India to acknowledge the legitimate aspiration of the Zeliangrongs in getting due justice and manifest the inherent rights for our Zeliangrong people under the framework of ‘Union of India’ as it had moved by Rani Gaidinliu. The front embarrassed over the involvement of Indian Army in this incident with psychopathic planed of uprooting the ZUF, who were the followers and inheritances of Rani Gaidinliu ideology. This involvement raises doubt whether the Indian Army wants to destroy the legacy of Rani Gaidinliu, a veteran Indian freedom fighter. The Front question is this action a lone policy of Indian Army or a secretly crafted planned and order of the Government of India? The Zeliangrong want a clarification from the responsible authority at the earliest.
Meantime, the ZUF caution the NSCN-IM that everyone is Nagas by blood despite following different bodies, and no one should self proclaim that ‘I am holier than thou’ – by this attitude the Nagas have suffered for the past many years. This incident and ongoing operation plan by NSCN-IM is a direct threat to the peaceful environment and may cause security predicament to the innocent Zeliangrong people and in its areas. Why the NSCN-IM is so sensitive in every chapter of Naga history when it occurs in Zeliangrong areas? What steps do the NSCN-IM openly or discreetly taken to the other groups of other areas that is, as per their opinion, confronting the larger Nagas interest? So far the Front does not come across any action of NSCN-IM over those groups. This shows a true colour of the NSCN-IM who speak like an Angels with devil heart to the Zeliangrong Naga. The front challenges the NSCN-IM to stand judiciously if they truly stand for the collective cause of Nagas. Until the NSCN-IM desist bias treatment, the ZUF sees no fulfillment in achieving larger Nagas dream but will remain bleak and falls into the trap of their (NSCN-IM) enemy.
A. Dangmei, Info. & Pub. Secy., ZUF

By EMN Updated: Feb 28, 2015 9:46:54 pm