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‘Zeliangrong struggle’ not to seek cessation from India: ZUF

By EMN Updated: Feb 25, 2014 11:51 pm

Newmai News Network
TAMENGLONG, February 25

[dropcap]Z[/dropcap]eliangrong United Front (ZUF) chairman Kamson today said the ‘present Zeliangrong struggle’ is not for seeking isolation or secession from India but for a common homeland of ‘fragmented’ Zeliangrong community in different states within the Constitution of India.
“This was the dream of Haipou Jadonang and his Lieutenant sister Rani Gaidinliu,” said the ZUF supremo in his message which was made available to Newmai News Network by A Dangmei, the ZUF information secretary.
Kamson was addressing the gathering on the occasion of the 3rd ZUF Raising Day at the outfit’s headquarters in Tamenglong district.The ZUF chairman said the outfit acknowledges the ‘untiring and unending’ supports being rendered by the people of Zeliangrong community across the ‘country’.
He said the Zeliangrong population of 4.5 lakhs and their area of 12,000 sq km fragmented under the British rule through the latter’s divide and rule policy continues till today but it can no longer be tolerated.
“We do not wish to offend our beloved neighbours and relative tribes or communities but our natural mode of life in a common homeland should be realized. The ZUF, following the footsteps of our pioneering leaders, shall move forward relentlessly for the sake of all interests and glory,” Kamson asserted.
He said it is the Zeliangrong people’s collective responsibility to protect and preserve the invaluable asset of Zeliangrong territory from the fast eroding of their natural resources.
“We, therefore, seek the cooperation of the people in our attempt to maintain the ecological balances by preserving and protecting the rich fauna and flora of the region from reckless falling of trees, hunting of rare spices of birds and animals. It is our earnest desire to avoid the random burning of dry forests other than burning of jhum field, the use of chemical or electrical devices for electrocute of fish in the streams, brooks and rivers to prevent from mass destruction of aquatic creatures. The Front also appealed not to sale lands or forests or immovable standing properties to non-Zeliangrong communities.
Zeliangrong United Front (ZUF) was founded on February 25, 2011.
Saluting the Zeliangrong community, Kamson said, “With exultant joy I uphold the dignity of the Zeliangrong ancestors and fellows of the contemporary generation especially the ‘Rehangs/Rikhangs’ the strong youths in the fore front”. He added that the supreme sacrifice of Haipou Jadonang, Rani Gaidinliu, the rest of the youth of Zeliangrong and Kin tribes, has made the revolution marches forward as is seen today.

By EMN Updated: Feb 25, 2014 11:51:25 pm