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Zeliang sees hot market for dragon fruit business

By EMN Updated: Sep 24, 2017 11:26 pm
TR Zeliang speaking at the Mhaikam programme.

Dimapur, Sep. 24 (EMN):
Chief Minister TR Zeliang has advocated plantation of dragon fruits at Mhaikam village and its surrounding areas. He has asserted that the fruit has commercial potential to ‘invigorate the fragile economy of the people of the area,’ a press release from the chief minister’s office stated on Sunday.

Addressing a public gathering during the inaugural function of the Mhaikam village gate and rostrum on Saturday, the chief minister said that Mhaikam and its neighbouring villages have sufficient land and suitable climate for large-scale dragon fruit plantation, “which can be made commercially viable for economic upliftment (sic).”

With the increasing demand for dragon fruit in the market because of its health value and taste, the press release stated, large scale plantation of the fruit will transform people’s economy if it can be carry out in planned manner.

“Citing instances of success stories on dragon fruit plantations at Mhaikam village and displaying the fruit sample before the gathering, the chief minister said that the fruit produce at Mhaikam and its surrounding areas are of better quality with better taste and higher nutrition content has an immense commercial potential in both domestic and international market.”

Further, TR Zeliang said that for sustainable economy ‘a time has come for villagers to shift their way of farming from less productive cultivations like planting teak trees in the arable land which occupies large areas for long period of time without any returns, to cash crops farming which will give economic benefits within a short span of time.’

On other matters, the press release stated that the ongoing railway project and the proposed national highway along Mhaikam and its surrounding villages have “brightened the prospect of the area becoming one of the economic hub of the state.”

Zeliang however reminded the villagers that it will largely depend on ‘how judiciously they utilize their land through proper planning, efficient management system, and suitable agricultural technologies.’

“This is not the time to fight or encroach upon each upon each land and create misunderstanding among different community, but understand its potentials and utility through peaceful means for mutual progress and prosperity,” the press release quoted the chief minister as having added to his speech.

By EMN Updated: Sep 24, 2017 11:26:16 pm