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Zeliang blames teachers for govt schools’ poor report

By EMN Updated: Nov 15, 2013 12:56 am

[highlight] ‘Highly-paid but lack dedication’ [/highlight]

Peren, November 14
Senior minister TR Zeliang has blamed government teachers for the poor performance of students who study in government-run schools. He said that the government teachers lack dedication in their work although their salaries are much higher compared to salaries of teachers who work in private educational institutions.
Transforming Lives Academy of Peren Thursday held a science exhibition with Minister for Planning & Coordination TR Zeliang as the chief guest.
Addressing the gathering during the inaugural programme, TR Zeliang called upon the teachers to consider school as ‘personal property’ and nurture it with proper care.
The future of the children is built from the school, he said. Expressing regret at the poor performance of the government schools in the state, Zeliang opined that the poor results were due to the ‘lackadaisical attitude’ and lack of dedication shown by the government teachers.
The government teachers’ lackadaisical attitude and are ‘less dedicated’ although their salaries are high compared to private schools, the minister said.
The minister said that transforming the lives of the students is the need of the hour. “To transform oneself and the society at large is the most important task at hand. Only when we transform ourselves and students’ lives, our society will grow”, he told the teachers and students.
Zeliang also called upon the students to dream big, however, asserted that ‘to dream is easy but to translate ones dream into reality is very difficult and require lots sacrifice and pain.’ He urged the teachers and people to give best in building a bright future for the children through dedication, cooperation and sacrifice.
To open and show the way is the responsibility of the teachers but it is the duty of the students to explore and excel in their studies, he said.

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