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Youths urged to trample ignorance and racism to develop society

By EMN Updated: Feb 11, 2015 11:09 pm
Sara S Jamir, addressing youths during the integration-themed program.
Sara S Jamir, addressing youths during the integration-themed program.

Dimapur, February 11

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]ndian is a beautiful culture where a plethora various peoples, of various and different cultures, race and faiths live yet the ugly face of communalism and racial intolerance continue to rear often. In this, a government official on Wednesday told a gathering of youths from various Indian states, they thy must rise to stand against racism and communalism.Under the aegis of Ministry of Skill Development, Entrepreneurship, Youth Affairs & Sports, the Nehru Yuva Kendra of Dimapur has launched a national integration camp with youths from four states across the country attending the event.
The programme was inaugurated by Deputy Secretary for Youth Resources & Sports, Sara S Jamir.
In her address, the government official said she was addressing a ‘mini-India’ where people from different parts of the country with different identities and different cultures were present.
Jamir told the participants that India was a beautiful country with races, cultures, caste, and ethos that need to be maintained and promoted by every youth. ‘There is no beautiful picture with one color alone, she said and encouraged all the participants to ‘come’ out from all communal and racial ignorance and help keeping India as a beautiful country, where everyone was equal and appreciated.
She also reiterated that India had celebrated 67 years Independence ‘yet we have ugly communal heads’ rising up every now and then pulling the country apart. She called upon the young participants of NIC to raise above all these divisive forces and bring about communal harmony and build better India. She also stated that the rest of the country only hear about the bad things of Nagas and North people and the participants to NIC bears testimony that it is just the opposite of what they hear. She asked them to tell the rest of India that Nagas are not what they hear about. She chirped on the need that every youth in India should be ambassadors of peace, love and development.
Zonal Director of NYKS, Nagaland zone, Jackie Ruivah delivered the keynote address. He said national integration remains a crucial issue in India, notwithstanding the fact that the county boast of a civilization that is nearly 5000 years old.
Some of the divisive factors may be inherent in the history, geography and culture of our country, he said, but there were also forces such as religious fundamentalism, linguistic diversities, regionalism, and inequitable development in region wise, caste systems, and rise in criminal and terrorist activities. These nefarious factors pose serious challenges to India’s unity and integrity, he said.
Considering this, Ruivah said, conscious efforts will have to be made by all concerned to combat the divisive forces and ensure unity, integrity, peace and brotherhood in the nation. ‘It has been considered imperatively essential to extend such an opportunity to the youth of our country from different geographical, religious, linguistic, cultural background of the country to converge together, to understand and enjoy the rich pluralistic diversities and also to appreciate the underlying current of oneness and unity in these diversities and thus cementing this great country India,’ he said.
The keynote speaker reminded all that they had a great task ahead of them in carrying forward good duties as good citizens of India. ‘Let us rededicate ourselves on this day the call of our great country to contribute our might for the greater cause of our Country- India,’ he added.
The highlight of the five-day program included a field visit, a quiz competition, folk and cultural presentations, a conclave on peace and environment, among others.

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