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Youth witnessed God’s majesty on Mt Saramati

By EMN Updated: Oct 25, 2015 9:31 pm

Dimapur, October 25

Catholic youth of St. Peter’s Parish, Kiphire, comprising 36 persons along with teaching faculty of Loyola Higher Secondary School, Kiphire, consisting of 35 persons made it to the top of Mount Saramati, the highest peak in Nagaland on October 22 and 23. Mount Samarati under Pungro sub-division in Kiphire district is 12601 feet above sea level.
It was not the physical strength alone that enabled the trekkers to reach the top of the mountain but an indomitable spirit with which everyone trailed the rocky cliffs as well as the slippery pathway. The experience as well as the mental framework of the trekkers varied from person to person. While climbing, some of them had the thoughts of giving up and were focusing more on the physical pains, while thirsting for water and facing the rough mountains. However, for the few adventurers, it was an occasion for them to prove their calibre.The greatest joy experienced by all the Catholic youth was not merely reaching the top of the mountain but the privilege to celebrate the Holy Eucharist on top of the mountain. It was a moment of great blessing for the trekkers to acknowledge and to realize that throughout the journey God was with each one of them, protecting them as they were literally crawling at times on the rock-strewn mountains that were precipitous and scary.
Commenting on the experience of climbing the mountain, one of the youth said, “It’s once in a life-time experience and I feel great to be part of the many who have climbed this historic peak.”
Another trekker aptly remarked, “The joy of having reached the top of Saramati Peak makes me forget all the pains and fears that I went through during the journey. Though the pain on my body is still there, I don’t mind them because despite my physical weakness, it was an occasion for me to prove my mental strength.”
Rev. Fr. Loyola Antony, Kiphire, remarked that the whole episode of climbing the mountain itself was a great lesson for those who reached the peak as well as for those who desire to reach the peak in their life time.
‘Life is full of obstacles with different experiences that are mixed with ups and downs. And yet if we are determined and focused, blending with God’s grace, no barriers can dishearten our inner strength,’ he added. He further said the magnificent Mount Saramati itself is a reminder of God’s majesty.

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