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Youth urged to foster peace and unity

By EMN Updated: Nov 07, 2017 10:01 pm

Phek Area Youth Front holds 9th general conference

Kuzholuzo Nienu and Yitachu at the 9th general conference of PAYF at Phek village on November 7.

Dimapur, Nov. 7 (EMN): Chairman of Democratic Alliance of Nagaland (DAN) and leader of NPF Legislature Party, Kuzholuzo Nienu, today called upon the youth to accommodate peace and unity as their first and foremost priority in creating a conducive and progressive society.

Speaking at the 1st general conference of Phek Area Youth Front (PAYF) at Phek village as the chief guest, Nienu stated that PAYF was formed comprising 22 villages and termed it as the need of the hour.

Stating that we have so many miles to go, he urged upon the youth to have better coordination in ushering peaceful atmosphere in the society.

“What is the use of forming PAYF when unity cannot be there among the 22 villages?” he queried and asked them to maintain unity on all fronts.

“It is very important to protect our own interest but let us also always remember not to encroach on other interest and hurts their feelings thereby create enmity,” he said.

Azo said we need not necessarily confront but we should have healthy debate in order to resolve any issue, adding that the aim of any argument should not be aim at victory alone but it should be aimed at compromising situation and healthy debate and resolve the issue amicably. “This should be our priority,” he maintained.

Speaking on the occasion as the guest of honour, MLA Yitachu called upon the youth to cope with the various changes taking place in the Naga society, be it social life, religious, economy, governance system and organisational set up.

Urging upon the youth to make a thorough assessment whether the change is going towards the positive or negative direction, he asked them to take a pragmatic step to face various challenges ahead.

He said that youth contribution is a must in building a vibrant society, adding that the society cannot grow without the young generation. He asserted that youth are the future and backbone of the nation.

Urging them to play a pivotal role, he called upon them to adopt a comprehensive strategy and take the society in the right direction. Also stating that youth are the treasure of the society, he called upon the elders to guide and extend fullest cooperation in their approach.

Chakhesang Public Organization (CPO) president Kekhwengulo Lea thanked PAYF for affirming their stand to the Chakhesang community resolutions on several aspects and at the same time asked them to focus on unity, peace and community’s welfare.

He also asked them to stand committed towards unity and trustworthiness.

PAYF president Besuve Vese said PAYF aims to build strong relationships with its constituents units and create a vibrant and supportive environment to its community members, adding that PAYF shall support and assist in any possible way for the welfare of the community.

Keeping in mind the chaotic and turbulent political scenario in the State, Vese said that PAYF shall support good and upright leadership. He assured that PAYF and its constituents units would extend all supports, promotes and uplift the leadership of the area without any ‘ism or biases.’

The conference also adopted certain resolutions.

Vezhehu Vero, president of Phek Area Public Organisation (PAPO) spoke at the introductory session on November 6.

By EMN Updated: Nov 07, 2017 10:01:58 pm