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Yimchunger org decries diktat imposed on Tuensang

By EMN Updated: Jan 27, 2015 12:09 am

Dimapur, January 26

A Yimchunger organization has decried what it alleged with breach of peace agreements as well as harassment and denial of citizens’ rights in Tuensang imposed by a certain community.
Yimchungru Public Coordination Committee issued a press release on Monday demanding that the authorities initiate necessary measures and take appropriate action “so that true peace prevails and that nobody should take law for a ride.”
“The Yimchungru general public has been steadfast time and again, in upholding and adhering the joint meeting resolution as appealed by the district administration in the first week of January 2015 and of late, duly honoring the resolutions of the Peace Committee of Longleng on 12/01/2015 in the interest of peace, is rather compelled to express our displeasure in relation to the under mentioned incidents,” the organization stated. The group alleged that ‘in contravention to the resolution of Longleng Peace Committee,’ a number of contraventions of peace have already occurred. The organization stated that on January 21, this year, the Peace Committee convened a joint meeting comprising of Tuensang Village Citizen Union, Kuthur Village Council, Chang Khulei Setshang, and Yimchungru Tribal Council in Longkhim town. The ‘Longkhim Peace Agreement’ was signed and all the members resolved that peace should prevail within the ENPO jurisdiction, whereas, only Tuensang Village Citizens’ Union ‘walked off before the meeting was over; an unhealthy gesture that nullifies the resolution.’
The organization listed out some alleged incidents such as damage to water pipelines of Sangphur village near C/Saddle by Chang community; destruction of fish stalls and fish belonging to Mukhe Yimchungru of Yahkor village at the daily bazaar of Tuensang town. They were destroyed by “Chang youths, saying that Yimchungrus are not allowed to run any business in Tuensang,” the press release stated.
“Therefore, in the light of the above incidence, the YPCC questions the legitimacy and seriousness of the resolutions for peace and tranquility endorsed by different communities, sectors in Tuensang on 10/01/2015. Where do the other communities stand at this juncture when the joint resolution being adopted is not implemented in letter and spirit but rather seems lopsided,” the press release stated.
“These unhealthy activities in and around Tuensang district should be given a serious thought and curb the menace if at all the denizens are dead serious about cohesive existence. The Peace Committee is also urged to delve and deliver justice in the interest of peace within ENPO jurisdiction,” the organization stated.
“It would be proper on the part of the competent authority to initiate necessary measures and take appropriate action so that true peace prevails and that nobody should take law for a ride.”

By EMN Updated: Jan 27, 2015 12:09:12 am