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Yachem students general session concludes

By EMN Updated: Dec 23, 2016 12:57 am
Speaker and members of Yachem students’ union during the session.
Speaker and members of Yachem students’ union during the session.


Dimapur, Dec. 22: The 58th general session of Yachem Students’ Union (YSU) concluded on December in Yachem village with Shayung Phom, ADC Tamlu, as the guest speaker on the theme: “Be a torch bearer towards new era” (Denshem Jaa Shing Awnya Nobü).

The guest speaker congratulated Yachem Students’ Union (YSU) for organising such a grant function by bringing all the Yachem youth together. In making few corrections in pronunciations, he advised the youth to give importance to own dialect and remain united.

Quoting “Youth need roots to grow and wings to fly,” he elaborated that values are the roots and success our wings adding both combining makes value-based success in life.

Stating that youth are the leaders of tomorrow, he said youth can be termed as the real agent of change. He also urged the youth and the students to hard work without depending on others.

Stating that Yachem residents are united, he also asked them to take this unity further by mingling with other Naga tribes.

In his conclusion remark, he acknowledged the Mawang Organisation and Yachem Anuti Lunglak for working hard to fight against opium and other intoxicants. He challenged the student body to take up this fight strongly and effectively saying “students are the strongest force.”

The programme began invocation said by S Lomba, YSU treasurer, while a special song was presented by L Bauham Phom.

On December 21, a workshop with three speakers was held on different topics. Speakers namely M Kichung Phom spoke on “Skill development and enhancing opportunities,” while C Chenti Phom, spoke on “Management and ethic” and Mrs Angbhen Phom, Women Secretary PBCA, spoke on “Christian youth response to social change.” The workshop was moderated by Nokchem Angth, information and publicity secretary YSU.

The first two speakers focused on the opportunities that are available in the state and country. They encouraged the gathering to be different from other by taking the blue collar job which they believed that government job is not the only solution for survival. They also told the gathering to recognise their talents and live an exemplary life saying, “We are second to none.”

Angbhen Phom highlighted on social issues that are prevailing in the society today. Speaking on the invention of the social media, she said many youth are using those gadgets in negative way without realising its positive aspects.

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