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Monday, May 27, 2024

X briefly blocks Indian user’s account, Musk says ‘we must respect the laws of a country’

By IANS Updated: May 02, 2024 11:51 pm

NEW DELHI — Elon Musk said on Thursday that he must respect the laws of a country else his X platform will be blocked, as an Indian user criticised the billionaire for locking her account over a post.

Anu Bishnoi (@Anitabishnoi09) posted that her account got locked for an hour and she “had to delete the main post to get access to my account”.

“It’s a hypocrisy of Elon Musk who talks about free speech but on the other side, he is forcing people to delete posts,” she commented.

In a reply, the X owner said that if “we get a court order and that court order appears to be in compliance with a country’s laws, then we take the action required, even if we disagree with the laws”.

“Only if the court order appears to violate a country’s laws, as has happened for example in Brazil, do we fight it,” said Musk.

The Tesla CEO also said that “we must respect the laws of a country or our platform will be blocked”.

Last month, Musk claimed that the X platform was asked to suspend accounts of sitting members of the Brazilian Parliament and journalists, as the US government now looks into possible law violations in the country.

The Brazilian government attempted to ban X in the country and threatened to arrest its employees if their demands were not met.

By IANS Updated: May 02, 2024 11:51:21 pm
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