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WSBAK pays tribute to Rev. Lano

By EMN Updated: Jun 28, 2016 1:27 am

Dimapur, June 27:Western Sumi Baptist Akukuhou Kuqhakulu (WSBAK) has paid rich tributes to late Rev. Lano Longchar, who passed away on June 20, saying his demise was a loss to the Sumi churches across Nagaland and the churches under WSBAK.

A press release issued by Rev. Dr. Hevukhu Achumi, WSBAK executive secretary, said the genesis of Rev. Lano Longchar’s association with the Sumi churches traced back to the revival in 1976 at Mokokchung Ao Baptist Church. He recalled that within no time, the great wave of revival swept the Sumi churches with immeasurable spiritual renewal. He said Rev. Lano Longchar played a vital role in reviving the Sumi Christians during the period.

He recounted that late Rev. Lano Longchar’s contributions towards the Sumi churches after the revival break in 1976 was significant for three reasons. Firstly, when the revival wave swept the Sumi churches, he was one of the first preachers from other tribes who volunteered in reaching the Sumi churches with powerful word of God. As a matter of fact, from late 1970s to early part of 1990s, he was the most loved and sought preacher from other tribes by the Sumis. Assisted by late Rev. Inaho Swu and Rev. Dr. Hevukhu Achumi, as his interpreters and co-preachers, late Rev. Lano Longchar zealously reached every nook and corner of the Sumi land and urged the people to repent from their sins and return to God as a result of which thousands of people were led to Christ.

Secondly, when WSBAK was newly inducted as 16th Association under the Nagaland Baptist Church Council and was under intense revival wave, late Rev. Lano Longchar brought a message of hope and life. Many people received physical and spiritual healing through him.

Thirdly, he was loved and held in reverence by the Sumis wherever he went because of his non parochialism lifestyle which was clearly demonstrated in his love for the Sumis. He built a new level of bond and trust between the Aos and the Sumis and set an example to be emulated by other God’s servants.

On his death, WSBAK expressed profound grieved as he was taken away from the churches and community.

Meanwhile, it has expressed gratitude to the family who raised him up and also to God for the churches he loved and nurtured.
WSBAK has mourned the death of its beloved servant of God. It said his love for the people, his life testimony and his preaching of the Word of God wouild ever be cherished and remained forever.

By EMN Updated: Jun 28, 2016 1:27:31 am