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WSBAK donates RO plant and dialysis unit to District Hospital

By Purnungba Longkumer Updated: Feb 10, 2021 7:16 pm
Rev. Dr. Phughoto Sema along with WSBAK officials and doctors after the inauguration of RO plant and dialysis unit at District Hospital Dimapur on February 9.

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Dimapur, Feb. 9 (EMN):
Western Sumi Baptish Akukuhou Kuqhakulu (WSBAK) executive secretary, Rev. Dr. Phughoto Sema, on Tuesday inaugurated RO plant and dialysis unit donated by WSBAK at District Hospital in Dimapur.

Speaking at the occasion, Covid-19 technical team of WSBAK, Dr. Hotokhu Chishi said that WSBAK formed a Covid-19 technical team and decided to work on two things; one of which was to establish a quarantine centre for the people, which was run for around one month with the collaboration of Western Sumi Hoho, while the second thing was to identify the most needed areas which can be used during Covid-19 pandemic.

Chishi added that during the survey, they found District Hospital Dimapur did not have an intensive care unit (ICU) and dialysis unit. Therefore, they set their priority and decided to focus in providing Covid-19 dialysis unit, he said adding WSBAK decided to donate one unit of dialysis machine as well as reverse osmosis water filtering plant (RO plant) which is sufficient for four dialysis unit.

Chishi asserted that Dimapur district is a unique district and even though Dimapur is the ‘only district owned by everybody’, it lacks proper facilities. He added that it is not the time to ‘develop concern’ but it is the time to participate.

‘The moral of owning a particular thing is defeated if people do not participate and as far as health structure is concerned, it has been neglected so baldly,’ he said.

Chishi said that the donation amounting of INR 19 lakh is ‘not significant to the wealthy people’ but it is a giant step for the WSBAK and it is the right path to help fellow people. He urged the other communities to contribute to the district hospital as it still needs two more dialysis units.

Interacting with journalists, medical superintendent of DHD, Dr. Keveduyi Theyo said that WSBAK not only donated RO plant and dialysis unit but also 1.5 ton AC unit, cardiac monitor, and other equipment as well.

When queried if ultrasound tests facilities are available in DHD, Theyo said that while the hospital has all the equipment to carry out ultrasound tests, ‘it lacks manpower to run them and radiologists are difficult to find’.

Further, Theyo added that as of now, they have two dialysis unit that are functional and presently the infrastructure is built for four dialysis unit.

During the interaction, WSBAK executive secretary Rev. Dr. Phughoto Sema informed that the committee made a seven-day commitment and it was not through house-to-house donation but the message was conveyed through Whatsapp.

“Surprisingly within seven days, 780 young people donated money for the cause,” Sema added.

By Purnungba Longkumer Updated: Feb 10, 2021 7:16:12 pm