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Would love to star in a Bollywood film: Rick Hoffman

By PTI Updated: Jul 28, 2016 12:00 am

Actor Rick Hoffman, currently seen on American legal drama Suits, says he wishes to feature in a Bollywood movie one day.

When asked if he has seen any Bollywood film, the actor told PTI in an email interview, “I honestly haven’t, but have heard that they’re great and, of course, I’d love to be a part of an Indian movie one day.”

Meanwhile, the actor is all geared up for the upcoming season of Suits, currently being aired on Comedy Central. Hoffman plays the popular role of lawyer Louis Litt on the drama Suits.

If there is one thing which his popular on-screen character likes the most it is a good mud-bath but Hoffman says he does not enjoy them at all in real life.

“I do not like mud baths – at all. To add to that, unlike Louis, I’m deathly allergic to cats and am a die-hard New York sports fan. As for what rejuvenates me – deep tissue massages. I am addicted to massages,” Hoffman said.

‘Suits’ chronicles the lives of talented college dropout Mike Ross (Patrick J Adams) who initially works as a law associate for Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) despite never actually attending law school.

Hoffman’s character swings between jealous, highly suspicious and snobbish and has a rivalry with their law firm’s top-notch lawyer, Specter.

During the season five finale, it was shown that Mike turned himself in for a two-year prison sentence for faking to be a lawyer, thus causing trouble in the law firm.

Hoffman, 46, says his character will now be on his toes after the events on the series.

“He’ll be quite intense about it and if anyone eats, sleeps, breathes the firm, it’s Louis. He’s very loyal to the firm, so you can only imagine what his blood pressure is like at the moment – he’ll be quite excitable.”

The actor also said fans “shouldn’t put their expectations too high” with regards to his on and off love-track with Shiela.

By PTI Updated: Jul 28, 2016 12:00:08 am