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Would any Indian or the Government of India accept Indian freedom fighters as terrorists?

By EMN Updated: May 28, 2016 12:14 am

Would any Indian or the Government of India accept Mongal Pandey, Bhagat Singh, SC.Bose etc and hosts of other great Indian freedom fighters as terrorists simply because the British Government outlawed them in her frustration? India must retrospect the tyranny her own people suffered for centuries under the foreign rule. All the inhuman laws which the British enforced in order to repress the freedom struggle of Indians only hastened the demise of British rule in India.
The great Indian freedom fighter like Bhagat Singh was branded as terrorist by British government and hanged to death for his heroic act of patriotism (Bombing of the Assembly) but he was worshipped as a hero by every Indian and many youths drew inspirations from his sacrifice, took up arms and staunchly fought to expel the British forces from India and another great Indian freedom fighter Subash Chandra Bose remains immortalised and many Indians still refuse to accept his death to this day. Will Government of India accept these heroes as terrorists?
Indian government must understand from her long bitter experience under colonial rule that no amount of force however oppressive and overwhelming can be forceful enough to suppress the genuine human longing for freedom, liberty and justice for too long.The same oppressive British laws which oppressed the Indians for centuries nonetheless failing to suppress the Indian freedom struggle must have convinced the Indian leaders of the futility of reinforcing same laws upon the Nagas for more than half a century now. It has yielded nothing else but the senseless victimization of thousands of her young promising Army officers and soldiers, who massacres the Nagas and themselves get massacred at the altar of India’s false pride and ego.
The Nagas and the NSCN/GPRN in particular since the imposition of the foreign rule and resultant aggression have not targeted, injured or killed even a single innocent Indian civilian citizen. There is not a single report of the Nagas damaging the properties, assets and vital installations owned by Indian citizen or the Government of India hitherto.
Either in Naga country, India or abroad, the Nagas have not hurt or sabotaged the interest of the Indian Government or engaged the Indians with violence anywhere across the globe. The Nagas did not took to arms until India began using her Armed Forces to harass, attack and kill the Nagas. The once independent sovereign Nagas had to defend herself against the Armed invasion of her country by marauding hordes of Indian Army aided by black law of the British era, the AFSPA, that give even the NCO of Indian Army the power to shoot on mere suspicion, arrest without warrant, raid without police and administration etc on the Nagas in our own home country.
India claims herself to be a democratic welfare state professing ideals of AHIMSA/non-violence and fiercely contending to become a permanent member of UN Security Council but the gross human rights violation by her Government Armed Forces in J&K and North East (WSEA) if exposed with documentation, the prospect would revert.
The Nagas are no longer naive and NSCN/GPRN would in due time expose to the world and report to the United Nations, nearly seventy years of India’s terrorism and unlawful aggression in Nagaland.
Just because India terrorise us by declaring and treating the Naga freedom fighters as terrorist will not make us a terrorist, the oppressed have every right to use every means to defend itself against the powerful armed/military oppressor and Nagas will never be found wanting both in spirit, human and material resources to fight India.
Instead of repealing the black inhuman laws of the British era that tormented Indians for centuries under colonial rule, enforcing this on the Nagas in a more systematic and sophisticated manner in an era of democracy and global enlightenment will certainly be highly regretted. India’s determination to experiment neo-colonialism on the Nagas will go down the annals of history as the darkest epoch only to the unmaking of India Union gradually.

By EMN Updated: May 28, 2016 12:14:23 am