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World War II aircraft wreckage recovered in Manipur

By EMN Updated: Jan 04, 2014 12:42 am

Sobhapati Samom

[dropcap]E[/dropcap]ngine portion of a fighter aircraft most possibly belonging to the British Royal Air Force was discovered by a team of enthusiasts representing a local club and a school during an exploration activity in Manipur hills recently.
The enthusiasts from Kounu Lairembi Thougal Lup, a local club and students from The Kumari’s Woods talks School Mongsangei in Imphal discovered a warplane engine with 14 cylinders last year end during a exploration activities at Kounu range in Manipur’s Imphal west district, according to reports available in Imphal.The aircraft was believed to have been crashed during the World War(WW) II in 1944.The team discovered the plane part on December 29 and brought down the engine using Buffaloes.They are planning to hand it over the state competent authorities.
In another development, for the historians and those who love to recap the history of World War II, a new website on World war ( was launched with the beginning of the New Year 2014. The website has lot of WW II exploration activities conducted by a group of young enthusiasts from Manipur.The group was called Imphal campaign team.
It says March July 1944 witnessed the greatest war in the south asia during WW II while the decisive battles of Imphal and Kohima during World War II have been voted the greatest battles fought in the history of the British Army in a contest organised last month by the National Army Museum in England.
In fact the Britishers are also talking about the WW II battle that took place in Imphal valley. Almost all the older generation in Manipur can narrate one or two lines about the WW II that place in their courtyards and backyards. The WW II in Manipur was popularly known as ‘Japan lan’ (Japan war) among the older generation.
However most of the younger generations are not aware of it unless their older generation reminds them.
Interestingly after the announcement that the WW II battle fought in Imphal and Kohima was the greatest, many have also shown their interest in taking up or supporting the war exploration works in the region.
Some of the film makers and researchers based in National capital and abroad have also expressed their desire to do documentation in various forms.

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