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Wonderful politicians of Nagaland!

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Thepfulhouvi Solo

TR Zeliang would have still won the Vote of Confidence even if the dissatisfied voted against in the Assembly, and if that had happened; those who have disobeyed the Party Whip would have been disqualified. That would be like falling from the Frying Pan to the Fire.
Let us be mercilessly honest to Reality:
‘they voted 100% in favor for the Government they hated because of their fear of the Law’. Fear of the democratic Law made them Peaceful non-violent and obedient.Naga Politicians, like most other Politicians, are Clever and Wise not for nothing!
The Noke-Kaito Group and their Benefactor Mentor, the former Chief Minister of Nagaland still seem to nurse unhappiness with the current Chief Minister and their Party President they tamely and fully supported just a few hours earlier while the Sun was still in the horizon. This came out in the Interview Reports and Statement made to Journalists who interviewed them.
The smoldering anger or dissatisfaction of a good section of the Members of the NPF Party does not bode well for Nagaland Politics: understood Politicians like greedy people everywhere can never be fully satisfied, yet this buried anger may explode in future and Nagaland will not be happy and nice.
The Genesis of the trouble can be seen in the Third DAN Government itself:
When the result of the last Assembly Election was announced, incredulously the former Chief Minister Neiphi Rio had chartered the NPF Party surprisingly successful to win an almost Two Third Majority in the Assembly!
As the Chief of the Legislative of the dominant Party he needed no support from any other Parties to form a stable Government: he had 38 NPF Members out of a total of 60, this is almost 2/3 of 60! In the National Parliament such a Majority could even amend the Constitution of India.
People expected there would be political skirmishes at the time of the Ministry formation where only 12 Ministers are possible but Nagas would want 60 Ministers!
Unbelievably and uncommonly, Neiphi Rio formed his Ministry without any Trouble. He included all Parties, including the Independents except the Congress and formed a Coalition DAN III Government.
Was he very big hearted or he was afraid of his own excess Party Members from that time on, otherwise what was need of an unnecessary Coalition Government when his Party was in Absolute majority?
A contemporary Roman Emperor is credited to have said that it is more dangerous to be a son of King Herod than to be his Pig! Today the NPF is more in danger of some of its own members than of its foes. Nagaland is not very safe if a Party is more in danger of its own Members than of its enemies!
Politically, such a Coalition is like a Man with a legitimate Wife, bringing in another woman inside the Roof from outside; there is bound to be trouble in the Family.
To begin with, when DAN III was constituted, there was Peace in the Land for some time, from Ministers, Parliamentary Secretaries, Advisors, even down to the countless HoDs as they were favored with extravagant, brand new Boleros unrestricted even their controlling AHoD hitherto only dreamed of.
As extravagant Building Constructions, Road Shows, Festivals, Grandiose Construction Contracts entered with dubious Companies from Outside and Foreign Tours prodigality’s began to eat into the State Fund, soon the Emperor read the Finger writing on the Wall –“Mene, Mene, Takel Uphar Sin”
In a Huff, the Emperor ran away but calamity fell on the land.
Honestly, I feel Nagaland Politicians are above the ‘Common-Cut’ in Friendliness, Goodwill and Simplicity but are politically Tribal or Clannish, Naïve and amazingly Myopic, and bravado in ignorance of Rules and Regulations.
I use to assume there will not raise Dictators in the Naga Society. I may be wrong; of late, I have come across ‘Yes-Man’, Man blissfully Silent and man perpetually satisfied of his subservient life-providing the condition for the rise of Accepted-Dictators.
To correct the trend, My hunch is that today Sermons of nice words from the Wise and the Leaned would not serve us satisfactory. Paul would not accept Jesus as Christ until he was severely warned he cannot kick against a Spike and made blind on the Road till he sees the Light.
Deal Naga Politicians, Bureaucrats, Public and Common Man with Whips made of democratic Rope, of Law, Order, Decency and drive them away from the Political Bazaars of chief priests of Wealth, Power and exalted Position.
The Common Man Voter is the Malikh: No VIP in the land!
Then Nagaland will become the Land we dream of!
What does the Naga want:Stability or Good Governance?
A Stable Government without Good Governance is like a Giant in trouble. What attraction is there in a Stable Government like in North Korea or in Cuba where the people are not even allowed to run away from the burden of life of the Land? Leaders of stable China and Russia seem to love the Communist Party more than they love their People; BJP seems to be developing not too far from them. Religious Minorities in the land seem less important to the BJP than their Party. What is biggest Democracy in the World when its minorities live in the fringe of a dominant and arrogant Government?
In my view Nagas got a chance to start to transformed themselves magnificently if their Leaders had brought themselves together in magnanimity and humility than be ‘Summon’ by a Governor.
Let the future bode well for Nagaland but honestly I have lurking fear.

God Bless?

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