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Women group keeps 24×7 watch on illegal taxation at Showuba

By EMN Updated: Mar 01, 2015 1:10 am

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Dimapur, February 28

Irked by rampant illegal taxation of underground organizations in Showuba village, a group of village women armed with sticks, – named as Village Action Committee, took up the cudgels to clamp down heavily on such activities under its jurisdiction.
With watchful eye of the village action committee, no reports of taxation has been reported for the last one week, said Kherila Janger, a member of committee and wife of village goan bura.
Speaking to mediapersons at her residence in Showuba village this afternoon, Kherila said that the action committee has been entrusted to look into the menace of taxation levied by various underground organizations in the village.
Maintaining that the action is being carried out for the betterment of the village, she said, the committee has full support of the village council and students’ union.
The village, being the main junction, taxes is being collected from Showuba but we don’t want it, she said adding, the village should be clean and clear of any illegal activities.
Around 30 women have been keeping an eye 24×7 on the activities in shift. The committee will continue with this routine, added Kherila.
Meanwhile, ACAUT informed that womenfolk and village council of Showuba, 4th Mile, Dimapur chased out cadres of both GPRN/NSCN (NSCN/U) and NSCN (IM) collecting unauthorized tax under their village jurisdiction. Media Cell, ACAUT Nagaland in a release issued today said, despite repeated warnings by the village authorities, the two factions were collecting tax on the main road connecting Dimapur and Niuland causing immense harassment to private goods vehicles, commercial vehicles and passenger autos alike.
The ACAUT lauded the women association of Showuba village who have been keeping vigil in the area for the past one week preventing any form of taxation. As confided to ACAUT, the womenfolk disclosed that a one week period was given to both factions to vacate the area ending February 22.
The Media Cell said, the cadres refused to vacate despite the higher ups of both the NSCNs promising to do so. “The most galling aspect of taxation at Showuba village is the fact that both NSCN-IM and NSCN-U cadres were collecting tax in all apparent camaraderie whereas the top leadership of these factions has spurned every reconciliation effort of FNR disgusting sensible citizens of the state.”
“The hypocrisy is all too apparent to ignore. Unauthorized and unabated taxation by the NPGs is an issue which each and every individual should be committed to fight against as a personal burden”.
Appreciating the Nagas for having woken up to the menace, the ACAUT called upon all right-thinking citizens in all the districts of Nagaland to unitedly rise up so that Nagas do not have to suffer anymore
The ACAUT also told the police and district administration not be afraid to back-up Showuba womenfolk and deploy security as the latter has done what Dimapur police should have done long ago. ACAUT also called out to all the neighbouring villages not to allow the chased out cadres to operate in their jurisdictions as allowing such would negate the good work of Showuba village.

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