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Wokha public gives a facelift to Doyang reservoir

By EMN Updated: Apr 02, 2021 12:20 am
Seen in the pciture are used plastic bottles and other garbage floating on Doyang reservoir captured by Eastern Mirror during a recent visit.

Dimapur, April 1 (EMN): In a major development and the first of its kind, stakeholders, student bodies and church organisations from different denominations in Wokha district successfully conducted a mass social work at Doyang hydro electric project (DHEP) site on March 20.

Besides collecting and disposing of tons of garbage, waste bins were also installed on various locations during the social work, an update from Yanrenthung J Humtsoe stated.

The mass social work was an initiative of D Hayithung Patton, office in-charge of Doyang police outpost, who had convened a meeting on integrated management approach on plastic waste and pollution on March 12 by inviting various stakeholders, students bodies and the church organisations.

At the meeting Patton expressed concern on the littered areas of Doyang and urgently called for public participation and urged the visitors to develop a sense of cleanliness and not litter the places. It stated various discussions and agendas were deliberated during the meeting and subsequently a mass social work was proposed on March 20.

At the meeting it was also proposed to work for better Doyang making it a plastic-free zone. The house also suggested adhering to strict rules and guidelines for transforming Doyang into a better and plastic-free tourist hot spot. It also proposed displaying banners and hoards at various areas of Doyang to prevent and stop the visitors from littering.

It stated that Land Owners’ Union, DHEP, who were also present during the mass social work, have affirmed to commit themselves for the social welfare of the people and urged all concerned citizens to reduce and manage plastic pollution. LOU also remarked that two dumping sites of degradable and non-degradable had been built at the left bank area. However, it has become non-functional for many years as the area had been covered with thick bushes and weeds making it non visible for the public.

The general secretary of Lotha Hoho Doyang too had lamented on the ugly scenario of improper waste disposal at Doyang. He expressed hope that through the initiative of various stakeholders and NGOs, clean Doyang would be possible in the near future. He also asserted that various agendas are put into proposals regarding awareness programmes on sanitation, waste management etc.

Yanrenthung J Humtsoe stated that littering at Doyang is caused intentionally by immature groups of people from outside the region who come unorganised for picnics, parties, hangouts and other immoral social acts.

Waste and garbage in Doyang included plastic bags, cigarette butts, alcohol bottles and beer cans, plastic bottles, disposable cups and plates, chips cover, beverage cans etc. Other than just being unsightly, he stated that litter can cause serious consequences for the Doyang environment and it’s down streams areas especially for the marine creatures.

He has referred to the Nagaland Integrated Waste Management Policy 2019 which was enacted by the state government covering all urban and rural areas of the state. It envisaged efficient management and proper disposal of waste and educate the people to segregate bio-degradable, recyclable and inert waste at source.

The intention of the policy was to enable the community to reduce waste, reuse and recycle.

Humtsoe suggested that the government through the department of Tourism and with the support of various stakeholders should launch a campaign to advertise the salient features about the new approach towards safe handling of waste. He has also sought the technical support of the Environment, Forest and Climate Change department and NGOs to propagate the messages.

By EMN Updated: Apr 02, 2021 12:20:33 am