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Wokha bomb blast : Most cowardly and inhuman act against humanity

By EMN Updated: Feb 26, 2015 10:03 pm

[dropcap]F[/dropcap]ourteen years and two months after the last deadly bomb blast in a Dimapur-Wokha bound bus killing 4 passengers and which left more than 10 passengers seriously wounded and physically paralysed near Wokha Town on the 18th of December 2000, the Lothas are once again shocked with the dastardly act of unknown miscreants involved in engineering the bomb blast in Wokha today at around 12:00 noon at the heart of the town resulting to 7 dead bodies brutally burnt and seriously injuring more than 20 others by the blast and leading to unthinkable loss of properties. It is equally shocked to note that the Nagaland Police have utterly failed in successfully detecting any of the Bomb Blasts and preventing the ongoing bomb blasts which are being stroked in many places of Nagaland.
I assume, these bomb blasts are certainly a handy work of some anti-social group to drive fear into the minds of the common people and disrupt peace and harmony to topple law and order situation in Nagaland. Therefore, the need of the hour for all of us is to be courageous to maintain peace and harmony in Nagaland and avoid doing anything which might trigger tension in leading to communal violence.
I urge the Nagaland police and the Government to immediately rise to the occasion and crush these dread forces bent upon destroying our Society.
Let us uphold the families of the victims in our prayers; Peace Nagaland!

-N.Ejanthung Ngullie.

By EMN Updated: Feb 26, 2015 10:03:12 pm