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With love from London Rockschool enthuses state music teachers

By EMN Updated: Oct 08, 2015 10:21 pm

Making their maiden visit to Nagaland, Rockschool Limited (RSL) London UK, Global CEO John Simpson and head of International Operation Mike Stylianou had a one on one interaction cum workshop with music teachers of the state at Hope centre for excellence Dimapur on Thursday October 8.
Labeling Nagaland to be on of the music district of the world John Simpson while stating that there were limited number of brilliant musician, expressed on offering Naga musicians a global platform so that the musician do not remain confined in four walls but advance as a brilliant musician. Acknowledging his lack of knowledge on the musical skills of Naga musician, however he had a definite key point offer for musician-‘to be a good performer’ which he says is the key element to connect with the audience.At the course of the worship with the music teachers of the state, Simpson remarking that with massive globalization Rockschool’s objective is to create a benchmark in terms of contemporary music and bring them in bar with classical musicians.
Music teachers of the state were called on to progress on a regular basis to bring up brilliant musicians as at the end of the day it is how the teachers sell it to students in terms of music.
Music is not only about understanding instruments but understanding different genres through rhythms is what Mike Stylianou offered the teachers at the workshop. With Rockschool’s initiative to generate industry ready musician, Stylianou called on the specialist music teachers of the state to put industry knowledge for excellence.
Rockschool set up in 1991with the central idea to bring the best in Pop and Rock in mainstream education is an international music exam board based in UK operating in 31 countries. With the world getting global, RSL is at its best to reach out at all corners.
Mike Stylianou RSL head of International Operation is a keen linguist and traveler who started playing the piano at the age of 4 and has performed in a band with friends at various social and charity events.
John Simpson RSL Global CEO is an experienced musician himself and businessman who have been leading RSL since 2013. John plays the guitar and trumpet and has performed in bands and on stage all over the world. He has moved RSL from being niche musical exam provide to a leading force in awarding the contemporary arts.

By EMN Updated: Oct 08, 2015 10:21:21 pm