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Will Fight For Enforcement of Rights – NLSF

By EMN Updated: Nov 05, 2017 11:50 pm

The ministry has already sanctioned an amount of Rs.1344 lakhs on 28 December 2016 ref no. 20014/20/2012- Education. Than why the delay in non-furnishment of the utilization certificate in due time and the subsequent result of delay of scholarship which in fact should be released fully by now. The reasons are either due to the inefficiency and unprofessional conduct of the department or diversion or misappropriation of fund in the implementing department as against the provision that no fund will be diverted for any other purpose as per the scheme.

Why dirty the students future because of deficiency and corrupt system?why stoop so low to grab on the rights of the students scholarship . Are we your future on a collateral damage of the unworthy system? When Mr Khandu the chief minister of Arunachal Pradesh, to avoid delay in scholarship directed the concern department to disperse full scholarships from the state treasuries fund and duly disbursed on june 30 2017 in anticipation of fund to be receive from the ministry then why our government not done the same and earned your youth trust,why neglected our rights?is it called the welfare of the students? Do we need the ‘Representative’ Mr. Khandu of our state? We don’t want a ‘breakfast’ meeting, we need a ‘picnic’ of freedom and our rights prevail.

The step-motherly treatment of the system on the student’s aspiration has plunge so low, the voices has long being strangled and subdued. We are tired and frustrated and now the voice of truth will prevail in the arm of justice. Do we need a spark of ‘Arab spring’ for a change where dictatorial government falls and dirty hands in the students pocket are wipe out clean? We are exposed to the revolution era and are well aware of it in our precarious situation.

We have lost faith in the system, witness the zero development, poor roads and epidemic unemployment and on top of that internal squabbling a resemblance of Samajwadi party and aftermath thereof. We want a stable government where students’ welfare is given outmost importance and overall development creating avenues for the youth. Come election, we are in deep conscience. We do not need old horse nagging in the depilated farm, we seek young stallion to charged and lead us toward the future. Let the ‘revolving chair’ be for the welfare and nation building. Don’t take us for granted, even sturdy government change and fall.

The Federation is dismay at the lackadaisical govt n no more representation and memorandum will be submitted as the same are being taken as granted. We will take refuge in the court justice for enforcement of our rights. The Federation appeals to all the concern students that though the seven days ultimatum has elapsed, the federation is pursuing the issue rigorously and will strike at the right time according to the procedure of the law. Accumulation of concrete facts and evidences are on process through RTI and through various reliable sources and therefore sooner or later if any unaccountability or complacency is detected, it will be laid before the court of law where defaulters are exemplary punished and rights prevail in the court of law.

Our state is in a mess and we will sweep it. The law will be invoke and the Federation assures to be a crucial assets to Central and National Investigating Agencies in cleaning the unwanted mess in any machinery/dept of the state, only time and concrete evidences Awaits.

Imliben Lemtur
President, NLSF;
Medochutuo Kiewhuo,
General Secretary, NLSF

By EMN Updated: Nov 05, 2017 11:50:46 pm
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