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Thursday, March 30, 2023

Will Always Stand True and Firm on Naga Historical and Political Rights for Freedom

By EMN Updated: Aug 14, 2019 12:43 am

The speech of Yilow Humtsoe the Acting President of Naga National Council on the occasion of 14th August 2019 Naga Independence Day Celebration.

Dear Naga people,

I praise and thank our living God for His unending and unceasing love,strength and protection in our struggle for Naga freedom of sovereignty.

I pay my homage and tribute to the Naga martyrs’ for their sacrificial deeds for sovereignty, I pray that God Almighty grant strength and power to the families of the martyrs’ to remember to do their part in this noble cause of the struggle at this crucial juncture for Naga sovereignty till we achieve our freedom.

The struggle of the Nagas will go on with more vigour and power from above,therefore,let us continue in prayer to God our Saviour to liberate our land and people from the enemy whose schemes are designed to end us and not to solve the political problem that has been going on for seven decades.

But today with full faith in our living God I am confident that God Almighty has a definite purpose for the Naga people that nobody can stop, and the God of miracles can do things which we cannot do and is beyond our reach. So on this day let us all bow down in prayer and petition to our living God for our freedom for His glory and extension of His Kingdom.

On this auspicious occasion,I extend our warm greetings of 14th August 2019 salutation to our North East people and also appeal to our brothers and sisters to stand firm together as a Region to achieve our goal of freedom from aggressor who are making schemes and designs to dominate our blessed and rich land which is clearly evident.

The Government of India’s very policy is to bring illegal immigrants and foreigners to the North East and create confusions and fights against us, diverting themself from the spotlight as they are the largest democracy in the world for which they cannot directly take such steps in front of the world. The North East people must understand and take it seriously before it is too late as a Region.

The Naga people have come to a very crucial and unpredictable stage of our struggle for political solution so whether the solution will be for entire inhabited areas of Nagaland or only for the present Nagaland state in particular is the biggest dilemma. And the representative of Government of India will only do for their interest in this matter with their sycophant,therefore, whether the entire Naga people will seriously come together to stand for entire land including Eastern Nagaland of Burma side at this sensitive and dangerous time. The Naga people must take the right decision collectively at this moment to let peace prevail in the homeland or prevent unwanted situation out of this sensitive and crucial issue confronting at this moment.

The NNC (Parent Body) sincerely appeal to all the Naga people to take the right political decision to avoid any unwanted development in the homeland again for the sake of a peaceful future for our children. May God save the situation for His glory.

Today I once again reaffirm my stand that the NNC (Parent Body ) will always stand true and firm on Naga Historical and Political Rights for freedom and will stand for the entire people and land(Including Eastern Nagaland of Burma side) of the Nagas as declared from the very inception of the Political Movement by the NNC. Therefore,those who deviate from the original stand of the Nagas for their own selfish and vested interest will bear the entire responsibility and the blood of the martyrs’ will be upon them.

It is very unfortunate to mention that today the worst enemy of the homeland are people from within the homeland- the so called leaders of political groups who havea hateful mindset and are indulged in their own vested interest and motives, this is the real factor which affecting the Naga people and nation the most and bringing negative impact on the homeland, This is the real stumbling block for freedom of the Nagas.

The NNC (Parent Body) decisions and Press Releases are all collective and not individual,therefore,we stand collectively behind with each other and will defend the truth with our Alliances in all front in the interest of our freedom.

And as the Parent Body, we will always continue to speak the plain truth alone even if we are threatened with life for doing so,we will stand true to the Naga people and the truth alone will be victorious in Naga political affairs. Our Lord Jesus Christ is the Way,the Truth and the Life,therefore we will always stand on this living Words alone. Praise God.


By EMN Updated: Aug 14, 2019 12:43:07 am