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Why only blame them?

By EMN Updated: Sep 26, 2014 1:13 am

The recent expulsion of one Ahad -Uddin for molesting a Naga woman inside a second-hand clothes shop in New Market is indeed an act to be condemned and should be given an exemplary punishment for all the likes of him. Though I completely detest and abhor such acts ,I would also like to put up some questions on the behavior and conduct of most of our Naga women (NOT ALL) while doing business with these non-locals who are  seen in a way  that  are too improper and indecent especially in the second hand clothes store. I have seen with my own eyes many a times and anyone can also ask others if you want to substantiate this or go and see for yourselves that  most of our Naga women while bargaining they sweet-talk and behave in such a way that their body languages seems like they are trying to tempt or seduce any man, be it some Illegal Bangladeshi Immigrant, an American , An European, an Indian or any Tom who has a Duck and is Hairy and blood flowing through his veins. I am not justifying the act of such as the likes of Ahad Uddin. Well, a dog can never refuse when a bone is thrown nor can a lion turn a vegetarian. It will be good if some of our women can behave decently and respectable so that the likes of Ahad Uddins  dare not even have the tiniest of guts to do such acts on our women-folks anytime in future.Happy shopping!

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By EMN Updated: Sep 26, 2014 1:13:39 am