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Why Bifurcation is Needed

By EMN Updated: Jun 06, 2016 12:18 am

The primary, Elementary and Secondary teachers entry point is different as unlike in other department a GT or primary teacher who is BA/B. Sc/B.Com cannot be promoted to PGT then to Vice Principal and to Principal.
Whereas in other Departments for instance like Home, a constable is promoted to Lance Naik then to Naik and to Havildar then to ASI, SI, Inspector and even to DSP. Many police personnel whose entry point was constable have retired as either Inspectors or DSPs and what is the requisite qualification for a constable, Class-8 Pass or above or even MA.pass. Is the case the same in Education Department? Have one ever heard of a Primary Teacher or a GT whose qualification is BA/B.Sc/B.Com with or without B.Ed being promoted to PGT then to VP and further to Principal? Never. The hierarchy of these two cadres are also different. As such the clubbing together of two opposites in all certainty would lead to confrontation and conflict which would not be conducive for the department as well as for the two cadres and would hamper the education of the children. As such, ANSTA and NSSFOF demand for bifurcation view from right perspective can be considered as a simply remedy to the problem and which would even prevent the occurrence of conflicts and confrontations in the near future. Hence, considering the demand for bifurcation can not be consider as creation of a problem for the department but it is simple remedy to one of the major problems of the education department.

One cannot deny the fact that different entry point also have different promotional avenues because primary Teachers never get promotion even though some have the requisite qualification. Some of them are even well qualified. Some members of the ANGPTA are the living witnesses. Even if some get promotions such cases are rare. The same with the GTs. GTs having the requisite qualification get promotion only after serving for 20 plus. For many on the verge of retirement, where as some GTs never get promotion. It is rightly said appointed as a teacher retired as teacher. Which means that the teachers should be confined to the four walls of the class room all their life from their schooling days till their old age. What shall we call this?

In many primary schools, the Teachers in Charge are the Primary Teachers, some of them Class- 11 pass and there are many GTs serving under them. Can the same be applied for the higher secondary where a GT can be promoted as a Vice Principal or Principal to look after the Higher Secondary? In short, even identical twins are not same though they may look alike and from the same parents but one day as they grow up they have to separate and build their own homes and be the head their respective homes though they are identical twin, but on the other hand, if one the brothers tries two become the head of both the families. Then it would lead to an ugly confrontation which not be the interest of the two brothers. At the same time it is mistake wrong to call John as Tom and vice versa even though they are brothers. So bifurcation for betterment in all respects.

Robert N Marathon
Assistant Headmaster
GHS. Tening

By EMN Updated: Jun 06, 2016 12:18:09 am