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Who can change the world?

By EMN Updated: May 07, 2014 11:37 pm

If today I was to ask the Nagas the question – who can change the world? Then I am pretty sure that there will be thousands of hands pointing towards individuals who are holding posts in various fields.
Change is the biggest issue in the history of mankind. If we look at the history of the world only through the individual’s ideology and hard work and vision not the community or group.
Today, in our context many people want to see changes in society but they are not willing to change themselves then how do we expect change to take place?
Many of us are very good in judging others but not ourselves and very good in passing comments by saying about bad road conditions, bad electricity, bad governance and so on. But how many of us have the goodwill to repair our own road, our problems and the government?If we were to view our society today there are thousands of areas for change because we have not been truthful to ourselves in many ways. And in our generation today the word “trust” is becoming valueless as individuals are not allowing God to be in us and not willing to see the map of life from the book of life “BIBLE”.
Today in our own land we are not secure in many ways and the trust that we had in our own people is vanishing as there are multi rape cases, murder cases and stealing is on high speed. And in various departments we point that the system is corrupted but in fact the system is not corrupted but the individuals are polluted. I too have encountered many people in my life who seems to be very good, religious and loving but not worthy to be trusted because their minds are corrupted with selfish motive, proud nature, hatred heart and jealousy. And it’s not surprising to learn that many suffer from it.
In fact life is a change and change is a part of life. We all want to see change in various ways but there is a saying “if you want to change the world, first we must change ourselves”.
There was a young boy who wanted to change the world. So, he prayed to God that he wanted to change the world. So God answered his prayer and He asked the young boy,” what do you need to change the world?” then the young boy said that he needed ‘money’ so that he can travel all over the world and will change the mind of people and thus change the world. Then God said, “I will give you money to travel all over the world, but you must complete your mission to change the world within ten years”. So the young boy agreed and started his journey to change the world. He first went to USA to change the mind of the people. And he spent four years in trying to change the world. But all his efforts went in vain and nothing happened. So, he thought that USA was such a developed country that he won’t be able to change. Then he came back to INDIA to change the world and started trying to change the world by changing the mind of people and he spent three years but nothing happened. Then he decided to come to NAGALAND and to change the mind of the Nagas for two years, but nothing happened and change did not take place. And there was only one year left for the boy to change the world so he started changing himself day by day within that one year and when the tenth year ended, God smiled at the boy and said, “You have changed the world because you have changed yourself”.
Mission was successful and he learned that “change begins from oneself”.
And it is very true to say that change begins within oneself. So change the pattern of our thought not the system by taking a right decision in every field to be truthful and strong enough to fight for our rights, while electing leaders, while paying taxes, while receiving.

Lumtsase C Sangtam
Japfu Christian College, Kigwema

By EMN Updated: May 07, 2014 11:37:27 pm