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Which way? Anna Hazare’s or Kejriwal’s to change the society

By EMN Updated: Feb 24, 2015 10:00 pm

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[dropcap]A[/dropcap]nna Hazare and Kejriwal sat down together cross-legged in Delhi Ramlila Ground with Anna in Gandhi Cap and ordinary snow white cotton Clothes; together they racked up India’s conscience as never before against the culture of Corruption in high places and in the rich Corporate Circles. “Dear Aviba, Is there no Anna Hazare in Nagaland?” Enquired Rev. Dr. Ben Wati from London in an email and immediately I replied “Dear Oti, (Elder Brother), Nagas do not know exactly how Ministers earn wealth through Corruptions and so nobody complains in Nagaland”!My point here however is: Can Corruption in the Land be eliminated with Protests, Dharnas, Demonstrations and preaching alone in the Church? These methods will continue and are necessary, and crowds in thousands and lakhs agitating, complaining and protesting in the City Squares, Maidans or in the Streets, are a modern proper democratic Means of public protests against the Evils in the Society. These are however nowhere nearer sufficient to uproot Corruption in the Society. Corruption is a powerful Spirit and cannot easily be removed except with resolute practically action..
Anna Hazare; by his Fasts, Sit-ins and Dharnas, brought out into the open the hidden simmering dislike and discontent of a people against Corruption in the Land. But the Society needs something more concrete actions than the Dharnas if it is serious for elimination of Corruption in the land.
The Corruptions and the Inequities in the Land originate mostly from the Seats of Power in the Government, in the Corporate Bodies and in the Company Dealings. The injustices are done with the callous knowledge and intensions of the powerful people in the Organizations for their own Self-Interests than Public Interest. The Public knows very well Beelzebub would not fight Beelzebub otherwise how would Beelzebub stand? Today, corruption in the land has become so wide spread that the perpetrators not in the least ashamed that they do not consider it Evil any more: If corruption is no longer considered corruption, then what is Corruption?
There can be no solution to corruption without a committed Government. Without legal actions by a strong Government against Corruption, it cannot simply be wished away from the Society. It is heartening there are people like Anna Hazare who chose to remain APOLITICAL.
Anna Hazare did not approve of Kejriwal joining Politics -a pure good intention- but Corruption is such an evil strong power that there is no other stronger power than the Power of Politics to give it a K.O.(know-out) in the 1st Round itself. Forestry Experts sometime recommend Fire to control Forest Fire. To fight Corruption, it is more realistic to create a Political Party with committed principle to fighting Corruption than do Dharnas and Hartals!
Without a strong committed Government there is no way of resolutely removing Corruption from the Land. I do not exactly see beauty in the improvised Gandhi Cap of the AM ADMI PARTY but I admire their RESOLVE, in the cerebral material the white simple Cloth protects the Head from the heat of the land to fight Corruption! It is particularly heartening to see Humility not only in the Leader alone but in the AAM Party. May they set an atomic Chain reaction in all the States in India?
Anna Hazare is not grossly wrong; Governance is not an easy clean job. It has many barbs and sharp edges; a Person making a Path through a thick jungle of thorns and Spiny Plants will get pricked and pierces in his body here and there but there is no other way to eliminate the thorny Weeds than for someone to to cut them down.
Anna Hazare is right once but Kejriwal is right many times, corruption cannot be removed without a sustained political Power. Kejriwal is more realistic in his perception for removal of Corruption than Hazare. The Aims of the twain are the same; only their Paths are necessarily different.
The Society needs much more than just the removal of Corruption in the Society: it needs Economic Development, Prosperity and removal of the Poverty. Most important of all is to rein in the ARROGANCE OF THE PRIVILEGED POWERFUL and to replace it with SERVICE, HUMBLENESS and HUMILITY a task Dharnas and Hartals can not efficiently do.
It appears a very difficult political situation has descended on the Nagas and Nagaland recently. The Land seems to have reached a Final Rounds of the political Tournament and the Politicians seem to be running out of their political Ideas. If my cerebral materials serve me well, the Team did not seem to have fared well in the difficult Tournament.
One very sad thing that has happened recently in our land is that Bombs and Fire Arms have been used. Everybody knows the language of Bombs and Fire Arms: They are for putting out Life from Man or for threatening it. AK 47 Rifles and Hand Grenades were made not for killing Rats or Rabid Dogs it the Street, they were made to kill enemy Human Beings ! Now,
Who are the human Enemies?
Why have they become Enemies?
Who are the people who hurled the Bombs and fired the Shots?
We suspect the armed Actions were intended for their political Enemies and if that is so, it betrays a very serious Political Bankruptcy in the Political Groups of the Nagas whoever they may be. The Bombs and the Firearm shows the end of Political Ideas. The recent Political Tamasha, the Naga Politicians have shown gives us and indication of headlong foolhardiness culminated in an unprecedented near total support for their enemies they hated! And now Bombs and AK 47 have come! It is sad and very sorry to think some Leaders have become desperate and has run short of political Ideas. Nagas are running out of their Political Ideas! The Old Wine would get no better even poured into a New Bottle and the old Wine in the Old Bottle appears to have expired! Nagaland may need New Wine in New Bottle. Will there be any Kejriwal in Nagaland?
If Nagas do not win the Santosh Football Trophy in India, it is sad –this year Mizoram has won the Trophy for the Second successive times; if the Centre would not wipe off the State’s Fund deficit, it is not a calamity; if Nagaland mps do not get Ministerial Birth in the Centre, it is no wonder but if the Nagas run out of political Ideas!
Woe to Nagaland; Nagas are run out of their political Ideas!

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