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Where there is a will there is a way for everyone

By EMN Updated: Sep 01, 2013 12:01 am

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DIMAPUR, August 31

IT is the little acts of kindness that holds the world together. In the commercial capital of the state of Nagaland, Dimapur where everyday a murky dirty crime is unveiled, sometimes amongst the rubble of confusion and pain, a pearl can be found.The mission outreach of a young group of professionals who aptly call themselves “Grateful Hearts Society”, (GHS) firstly because all of them are employed and secondly all of them are in sound health, is one such pearl.
Their objective is to help handicapped persons, provide basics needs to the orphans, poor and needy and to assist in the relief and rehabilitation of the disabled, aged and victims of natural calamities etc. Grateful Hearts society is a non-profit making, non Governmental organisation.
The band of friends without anyone’s prompting networked and agreed to reach out to even one person whose life they could collectively improve out of this was born the aid to help the upkeep of 28 year old Moasashi who has been undergoing kidney dialysis since May 2011.
As a young man Moasashi Ao was an active youth leader in the Indisen Ao Church, in Dimapur but a sudden kidney failure cut short his dream job.
The news came as a blow for his family especially for Bendangtioshi, the boy’s father, who is a carpenter. With meager resources but left with no choice he opted to put his son on dialysis rather than a kidney transplant which is out of their reach.
In the last two years and more the family have incurred over Rs 2 lakh in the Hemo – dialysis treatment required every alternate day.
Till date Moasashi has undergone 223 dialysis and 78 units of blood transfusion at the Metro Hospital in Dimapur.
Saved from the brink of death on three occasions Moasashi says “I hope God’s miracle will heal me soon and when I am better I will serve the Lord and make my dream to reality.”
But Moasashi must know that God is already using him despite his sickness.
The family is amazed in the manner in which they have experienced God’s faithfulness.
Moasashi’s mother knows that God is already using her son. “If he had to die he would have died years back but with Gods mercy he is alive and better and our hope is that he will get better in God’s mercy.”
The family has never missed a single sitting due to monetary reasons.
They have known nothing but kindness from all quarters.
The family expressed thankfulness to the Metro Hospital which has been helping them in every way possible and the blood bank civil hospital who contributes free blood whenever Moasashi required it. A group of Lotha members from Naga Blog are also contributing blood whenever needed.
Grateful Heart Society is trying their best to provide financial assistance to the aggrieved family in every possible way .To this end they are organizing a rock concert on the 7th of Septemeber at 5pm at the IMC hall Dimapur to raise funds for his treatment.
The state of Nagaland could do with many more grateful hearts, each coming together to take up a cause.Someone once sang “its better to light one candle, than to curse the darkness”. Light a candle be at the fund raising concert.

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