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Where People With Disabilities, Health Disorders Find A Match

By IANS Updated: Aug 01, 2017 11:40 pm

By Jaideep Sarin | IANS

Is your disability or health disorder coming in the way of leading a normal social life or settling down? If so, take a leaf out of the lives of scores of such people who have come together on a social platform to help themselves find a suitable life partner or simply have a good time.

At Inclov, which the founders claim is the world’s first match-making app focusing on people with disabilities and health disorders, there are over 10,000 users taking things forward in their lives, co-founder of the app, Shankar Srinivasan, told IANS here.

“People with disabilities and health disorders get this feeling that they cannot have a normal social life like others. We are trying to break that myth. In various cities, we have organised events at clubs, beaches, picnic spots and night clubs so that everyone gets a feeling of inclusion,” Srinivasan, who was here to organise an event for the app users at a popular night club, pointed out.

The event attracted people who came from as far as Moradabad in Uttar Pradesh and from Delhi, and cities in Punjab and Haryana, as well as the tri-city region of Chandigarh, Panchkula and Mohali.

Initiated in 2015, “Social Spaces”, Inclov’s offline meet-up property, provides an innovative platform for the app users to come and meet in-person.

“The meet-ups are inclusive in nature and our curated locations are universally designed, which ensure 100 percent accessibility in infrastructure for people with disabilities,” Srinivasan pointed out.

“People with disabilities usually have restricted social lives due to inaccessible transport and public places. To bring about this systemic change and create an inclusive environment for people with disabilities, Inclov launched Social Spaces, which has proven to be a huge success. We have had 20 meet-ups across India so far, impacting 10,000 -plus people,” he added.

Launched in January 2016, Inclov’s founders claim that nearly 4,500 matches have been achieved by users and 47 percent of users are actively using the app to look for a date or a life partner.

The first marriage through the app happened in May 2016 itself.

“Most recently, we had another match in Delhi with a couple affected by polio,” Srinivasan said.

People using the app find the idea unique.

“The nightlife meet-up is Inclov’s best and I don’t remember when I last enjoyed so much. I spoke to 11-12 new people who I will now definitely keep in touch with thanks to the meet-up,” Manish Raj, 33, a businessman, said.

Die-hard users don’t mind distances when it comes to being a part of the Inclov meet-ups.

“I have travelled 400 kms to come for Inclov Social Spaces. I will travel all over India, if I have to, to attend the meet-ups. This has been the most memorable night of my life,” said Sukhram Pal, 34, a banker.

A wheelchair bound DJ played for the guests at the Kitty Su nightclub event.

“I have been to several parties at numerous nightclubs. But tonight was pleasantly different. I have never seen anything like this. The crowd was going wild, no one here is ‘different’. Everyone feels the same,” said Parul Aggrawal, 26, a digital marketing executive.

“Nobody had made me dance so much ever in my life. For some time, I had forgotten that I was blind. This was the best night of my life,” Rajesh Kini, 35, a working professional, added.

(Note: Some names have been changed to protect the identity of people)

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