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Thursday, July 25, 2024
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Where is the Naga Colonial Bridge?

By EMN Updated: Mar 20, 2020 11:42 pm

Through the dust, grime and dirt, smiles are starting to break out as we begin to see some good stretches of pukka road in Dimapur. It means a lot to us who live in Dimapur and especially those who commune frequently to Dimapur Town. The road from Purana bazaar to Chumukedima is a major thoroughfare for the thousands of students, army, Manipur trucks and travellers and the access it gives for people rushing to the big hospitals like Zion and Referral. It is a big sigh of relief for the people. Thank you for all those responsible in bringing this development. We appreciate it very much. But there is a piece of heritage that we miss dearly. The Dhansiri bridge or the British Colonial bridge. Many people felt the pain when the bridge was deemed unusable. It meant being stuck in long traffic jams and having to jostle and race with every kind of vehicle private, buses, trucks ,army convoys, transporters, etc.,  to get past the bottlenecks at every crossroad to get to Dimapur town. We still face this and more as population and vehicles increase year by year. The Dhansiri bridge served as a vital piece in accommodating traffic going to town and back. Many lives be it students or professionals or housewives are conscious of time gained or lost because of the congestion of the traffic. When the traffic is at its worst many lose their temper and as a result energies are wasted. We can just imagine our students trying to be on time during crucial examination time and there is no way that the traffic is giving in. The precious time and energies has been lost and unredeemable just because of a bridge and is literally gone down the drain or let’s just put it straight, down the  Dhansiri river. We do want to make up for lost time and quickly. So we the people want to appeal to the Government and the contractors and the ones responsible to give your best effort to complete the bridge as soon as possible. Dimapur is our commercial hub and being such a busy city even a bridge plays such a vital part. If it is finances related we urge the government to relocate funds for it or if it is the incompetency of contractors lets have efficient ones build it for us. All we are saying is that the people of Dimapur with all its residents and visitors need the Dhansiri bridge. We rest our case.

From the media cell of The Citizens Believers Movement

By EMN Updated: Mar 20, 2020 11:42:36 pm
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