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When Will GS (Single) T come to Nagaland

By EMN Updated: Feb 16, 2019 9:41 pm

There is a general sense of euphoria over GST as it has become a successful tax mechanism based on the principle of “One Tax” for the consumers. Its benefits are being reaped all across the country by most of the businessman, service providers, transporters and yet in our state it has not really made a difference. Why is this so? It is not really difficult to fathom. The fact of the matter is that it is not just one taxation mechanism that the entrepreneur of our state has to negotiate but “Multiple Taxation schemes”. As a conscious citizen I really wonder when this principle of GST of a singular tax will come to our state. I am talking about the transformation of the multiple taxation, which we have to pay to survive and to ensure that our business runs smoothly. Metaphorically “GST” for Nagaland will truly arrive when the National Political groups forge unity to do away with individual taxation leading to multiple taxation and impose a singular tax. The time has never been more conducive than now as all the seven National Political Groups are under one umbrella organization and talking one language. This event should naturally transcend into a singular tax for the masses. Hasn’t this been a long standing demand by ACAUT, PAC Dimapur for which the people outpoured and demonstrated their massive support time and time again. Before I am labelled as anti-national, let me make the perspective clear, the legitimacy of taxation is not being questioned here but only it is urged that the Mechanism and Principle of taxation is streamlined to bring succour to the common man. If the complex multiple taxation of a huge diverse nation like India can be successfully transformed into a Single Tax mechanism then why not in our state(pun intended). For introduction of GST all it required was political will and genuine concern, the same needs to be displayed and demonstrated by the Naga National Political groups. It is the test of their claims to be working for our best interests! Will they rise to the occasion, that only time can and will tell. But for now let us pray for strength to bring forth the weight of the opinion of the people out in open public discourse to influence and charter our own destiny. Trust me it is a much better alternative when compared to what we are doing now, which is – just hoping and waiting, like a pigeon with closed eyes who is oblivious to the happenings and desires for an improbable miracle to happen all by itself!

Akuk Village

By EMN Updated: Feb 16, 2019 9:41:07 pm