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When students from Mumbai meet with a Naga village

By EMN Updated: May 11, 2018 12:28 am
Students and scholars from the University of Mumbai warming their selves at a hearth in a Chungtia kitchen in Mokokchung.

Dimapur, May 10 (EMN): A weeklong cultural exchange program organised in Mokokchung from April 30th to May 7th during which a team of students and research scholars from the department of Civics and Politics, University of Mumbai, visited and stayed in Chungtia village for seven days.
They participated in the Moatsu festival in Chungtia on May 3. Updates on Thursday informed that the event was an initiative of the National Fellowship Centre (NFC).
Chungtia village hosted the team. The visitors resided in the homes of different families in the village, it was informed. The hosting village then engaged the visitors in various activities.
The team visited nearby villages, exchange knowledge and ideas about history and politics, learn Ao culture and lifestyle, and even join in traditional community fishing activities. The team also interacted with school children of the classes class 5 to 8.
The parting session between students from Mumbai and the members of Chungtia Students’ Union (CSU) was conducted. During the session, a hosting member Senti spoke about her experience with the team. She said, “There is enough love in this world. The problem is, we don’t appreciate each other enough.”
The updates informed that a reciprocal exchange program would be facilitated by the INFC during which a team of the CSU will be travelling to Mumbai.
The visiting team along with the INFC pledged to upgrade the CSU’s library by adding books of economics, finance, international relations, and an entire children’s section.
The primary aim of such programs was to create avenues for students to collaborate in various fields.
The exchange program will involve visits to the host college. It will entail activities and workshops for students and locals. An important component of the weeklong program will be cultural exchange.

Visiting local homes and understanding the community’s lifestyle is an important component of the program. It helps young people understand cultural diversity and community lives of the society.
The INFC is a trust registered in Mumbai and founded in 1979. It has been working in the Northeast region for many years and has engaged various outreach and integration programs.

By EMN Updated: May 11, 2018 12:28:21 am