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When music becomes noise pollution

By EMN Updated: May 09, 2014 9:04 pm


THE Nagaland Pollution Control Board has taken strong exception to the loud music played by hotels and parties in Dimapur in the night and said the deputy commissioner of the district is the authority “for maintaining the ambient air quality standards in respect of noise under the above rule.”
The board expressed unhappiness that the noise from the hotels continues to disturb the peace of localities, including Dimapur Civil Hospital.
“The Nagaland Pollution Control Board has been receiving complaints of loud music from hotels in Dimapur city that run late into the night. Loud music is also disturbing the Dimapur Civil Hospital at night and the authorities had expressed concern,” the board stated in a press release issued by its Member Secretary Rusovil John.
“The owners of hotels/buildings where such activities are taking place are requested to see that they do not disturb the quality of the environment by playing loud music late into the night,” it said.
The board pointed out some of the government’s rules for noise pollution. The Noise Pollution (regulation & control) Rules of 2000 restricts the use of loud speakers and public address systems, or any sound-producing instruments and equipments.
“A loud speaker or a public address system shall not be used except after obtaining written permission from the deputy commissioner. A loud speaker or public address system or any sound-producing instruments or a sound amplifier shall not be used at night (between 10 PM to 6 AM) except in closed premises for communication within e.g., auditoria, conference rooms, community halls and banquet halls or during a public emergency,” the board said.
“The deputy commissioner is the authority for maintaining the ambient air quality standards in respect of noise under the above rules. It is hoped that good sense will prevail,” the board stated.

By EMN Updated: May 09, 2014 9:04:19 pm