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When love is in the air

By EMN Updated: Feb 13, 2014 10:54 pm

A valentine’s day to remember

S. Henlly Phom

SAINT Valentine’s Day, which started as a feast of Saint Valentine has now transformed into a full-fledged celebration as Valentine’s Day which is observed on February 14 every year.
Many people in the world, including in India, put aside one day of the year, February 14 to celebrate love.
You may call it romantic, or just an expression of love, but Valentine’s Day surely makes both young and old shed inhibitions and follows the call of their heart.
Think Valentine’s Day and one immediately thinks of gifts, and if you’re in a relationship, you’re possibly contemplating what kind of a gift would best suit the occasion. Images of cupid, hearts, roses and love birds are seen everywhere in the street and shops as well.
But Cupid, the god of love might be in for some rude shock this year with economics of Valentine’s Day changing every year. Although most folks relate Valentine’s Day with sentimental or feisty cards, boxes of sweets or a bouquet of flowers, the occasion which started with cards has now transformed with the evolving preference of the consumer. The Day is no longer limited to just roses, chocolates and cards. Today’s generation has a lot more choices when it comes to gifts for that special someone for Valentine’s Day.
“With the mobile phone revolution in the country, lovers are using the technical form to express their love. Mobiles today have become the chief means of communication, especially among youth”, says a shop owner of gift arcade in Dimapur.
Well, besides being blind, love can also be irrational. Valentine’s Day, previously identified with eternal symbols of love, roses and chocolates is now giving way to a mix of new, handy and unusual items as gifts.
Garment outlets like Gravity, are cashing in on this change by offering discount on items. The more cheerful and attractive the shop the more footfalls it invites. This is true of restaurant, lounge and pub owners as they join the mood by organizing special meals on Valentine’s Day for couples and family to celebrate the day. The manager of Zephyr lounge, located at Half Nagarjan junction says every year on February 14, the lounge bursts at its seams, and he expects this year to be no different.
Despite all the multiple choices the ‘rose’ still reigns supreme as a gift and making Valentine’s Day complete. Not surprisingly florists are the busiest people on the streets as flowers sell like hot cakes. Talking to Eastern Mirror, the florists who also have garment outlets and beauty parlours were ecstatic that one day of rose sales outdid their day’s earnings in their traditional business.
No matter how hard you try it will be difficult this Valentine to bend the arrow on Cupid’s bow.

By EMN Updated: Feb 13, 2014 10:54:40 pm