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Saturday, May 25, 2024
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What women officials have to say about manning polling stations in Nagaland

By Menuse-O Max Khieya Updated: Apr 19, 2024 6:12 pm
Women polling officials with security personnel and voters at a polling station in Kohima village on Friday. (EM Images)

KOHIMA — Unlike in the past, this Lok Sabha election saw a significant number of women officers manning several polling stations at Northern Angami – I Assembly Constituency in Kohima, besides all-women PS, when the state went to polls on Friday.

There were more than 500 polling stations across the state manned by women this general election.

Eastern Mirror spoke to some women officials, who were manning polling stations within the villages namely: Dapfhütsumia , Tsütuonuomia , Lhisemia , and Pfuchatsumia  on Friday to know their experience of manning the polling stations.

Pusuzenla Longkumer, presiding officer at D Khel of Kohima village, described the election process as ‘peaceful and smooth,’ while the acting presiding officer, Tokatoli Achumi, who was posted adjacent to the polling station, noted that the voters were cooperative and friendly.

Limugha K Zhimo, informed that voting at the polling station in T Khel was conducted smoothly and without any untoward incident.

Saralyn Kanoli Zhimomi, who was overseeing a polling station at L Khel, said that polling was peaceful with no instances of proxy voting. She noted that the villagers adhered to the principles of clean elections, ensuring ‘one person one vote’ principle.

She further said that the responsibility given to them was quite an experience, particularly as it was their first time. She noted that with the polling parties comprised solely of female teams, collaboration in managing the polling was more convenient.

She, however, emphasised the need to have male counterparts at the polling stations in order to maintain conducive atmosphere in the event of any untoward incident.

Pancy Apon, who was overseeing an adjacent polling station at L Khel, informed that the polling in the area was peaceful. The polling officer also said that the experience has been educational for both her and her team.

Holi Zhimo and Keviseno Sophie, who were presiding over their respective polling stations at P Khel, also said the polling in their jurisdiction was smooth.

An official, who visited the village to assess the situation, commended the peaceful conduct of the polling. He also expressed satisfaction over the cheerful demeanour of the voters, who were heard sharing light-hearted jokes while waiting in queue to cast their votes.

Sharing his experience, the official lauded polling in Kohima district being held peaceful consistently, terming it has exemplary.

Dr. Naroti Jamir, who was overseeing a polling station at New Market colony within the municipal area of Kohima, expressed appreciation over the co-operation extended by the residents. She noted that the voting was held peacefully with the colony residents providing all necessary support and amenities.

Members of youth and student organisations were deployed to assist in the smooth functioning of the election activities.

Meanwhile, Ruokuolanuo Linyü, who cast her ballot at a polling station in Kohima village, said that voting is a fundamental right that citizens should practice. She added that abstaining from voting could be detrimental to the society as a whole.

By Menuse-O Max Khieya Updated: Apr 19, 2024 6:12:24 pm
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