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What Will I Tell My Grandson!

By EMN Updated: Dec 18, 2018 11:22 pm

Our forefathers had a vision for our Nagaland. A vision, which envisaged that the Nagas would be proudly staying, playing and praying unitedly in this pristine land. That is probably the reason that so many efforts were made for creating an independent sovereign state. The declaration of independence on 14 Aug 1947 was a step which pre empted the Independence of India. ‘Nagaland’ was always a step ahead of the rest of the Nation.

Are we still ahead of the Nation in any aspect, be it Politically, Socially, Economically! Although in thought or speech the Nagas are amongst the best but when it comes to realization of words into action, an audit for all the above dimensions indicate that there is a wide and clear gap between Nagaland and the other states of the Union of India. Politically the state has a history of ‘Everybody wanting to be in Power’ and thus the state has seldom had any credible opposition in the legislative assemblies. It leaves a clear path to the Government of the Day to indulge in malpractices as the legislative watchdog, the opposition is nonexistent. Surprisingly even in the present Legislative Assembly there is little noise by the opposition. Gap in economic potential and realization in the state is wide and no amount of speaking or theory will bridge this gap. No tangible efforts are being made towards implementation of schemes, or encourage entrepreneurs. Two factors prevent this realization, Corruption and Disunity among the people on tribal, region, ethnic lines. ‘More reasons are found to remain divided than to be united’.

Social fabric of the Nagas at present is more divided than ever before. A society which is not knit together can forget to develop into a vibrant and progressive state. The more the state tries to move ahead albeit in different directions, as it comprises independent and small societies rather than a singular society, the more it gets entangled amongst itself. This is what presently is happening in Nagaland. An amoeba in motion, which is covering no ground.

So what is that I will tell my Grandson? Will I be able to stand proudly in front of him and say that Nagaland has found its rightful place as a state in the region and nation. Or will he be also confused and dismayed by the surroundings which smack of individualism, tribalism and disunity. I could feel the same eerie feeling when I was growing up. Let us vow to rise above individualism, tribalism and form a united society. Unity will vanquish the other ills of corruption, nepotism, and underdevelopment which are undermining the progress of state. It is really nice to see the beginning of some sorts being made in Hornbill 2018, when all the Tribes marched together for Unity. Well Begun is half done! Let us continue the efforts and pray to the Almighty Lord to imbibe the seed of unity in all of us and we connect amongst us like the Tree of Unity.

R Robin


By EMN Updated: Dec 18, 2018 11:22:58 pm