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What is the stand of ACAUT Nagaland

By EMN Updated: Aug 11, 2014 11:35 pm

1. Is the ACAUT Nagaland an organisation?
No, the ACAUT is a people’s movement. It’s a movement mandated by Naga people to tackle the issue of unabated multiple taxation and fight the evils of corruption. Anyone who is against unabated taxation and corruption is an ACAUT member and part of this movement.
2. Is ACAUT Nagaland against the Naga National Movement?
ACAUT Nagaland is in support of the Naga National Movement (NNM) fighting for sovereignty which is the Historical and Political Rights of the Nagas. At no point of time has ACAUT stated that it is against the NNM. One of the 3 (three) resolutions adopted on 31st October 2013 public rally at Dimapur was the demand to the Government of India for “Early Indo-Naga Political settlement.” This stand is certainly not Anti-Naga and Anti-NNM as ACAUT is always accused of and we leave it to the wisdom of the Naga people to judge.
3. Is ACAUT Nagaland against paying Tax towards the NNM or is it the public which has made the conscious decision not to give in to unabated taxation?
As stated, the ACAUT supports the NNM. At no point of time has the ACAUT declared that it is against paying tax towards the NNM. ACAUT Nagaland’s stand on “One Govt One Tax” adopted on 31st October 2013 clearly states that the “Naga people” will pay tax once the NPGs come together under a common platform and form “One Government.”
4. Is ACAUT Nagaland dictating the public against paying tax?
The NPGs have accused ACAUT of not allowing tax collection but in the first place let’s not forget “Who or what the ACAUT is?” “ACAUT is the public and the public is ACAUT.” The massive turnout of the Naga people from all walks of life on 31st October vouching for One Government One Tax with a thumping Yes is clear that it is wrong to accuse ACAUT of dictating the public against paying tax since it’s the people’s decisions. ACAUT Nagaland is, therefore, a platform for the whole Naga people. Today, there are approximately 7-8 factions imposing multiple-taxations upon the public and it has gone far beyond any tolerable limits of the public.
5. Is it anti- national or a crime to ask the NPGs to come under one umbrella?
It is for the NPGs to answer and Naga public to judge. However for ACAUT to ask the warring NPGs to come under one umbrella is an expression of highest patriotism and this is the cry of the Naga masses too. Therefore, the ACAUT, as a people’s movement is doing great justice to the NNM because if the faction-ridden NPGs are united, the support of the Naga people for the One Naga National Government will be solid and the 67 years old Indo-Naga political problem may see an honourable settlement at the earliest.
6. The bone of contention between the NPGs and the ACAUT is on “One Government One Tax.” Why the NPGs are so much against “One Government One Tax” or in other words refuse to come under one umbrella?
ACAUT is not for or against any particular NPG but is simply expressing the desire and wish of the Naga people that all the NPGs should unite. So it is totally wrong to interpret the ACAUT movement as ACAUT vs NPGs. The NPGs have to be sincere and explain to the Naga public as to why they are not willing to come under one umbrella.
7. What is the message of the ACAUT Nagaland to NPGs?
ACAUT would like to appeal to all the NPGs not to misunderstand or undermine the ACAUT movement since it’s working towards strengthening the NNM so that a Naga political solution is arrived at: at the earliest.
8. What is ACAUT Nagaland’s stand on the cease fire between the GoI and NPGs?
The ACAUT supports cease fire between the NPGs and GoI. However, the ACAUT also demand’s that the FNR initiative of reconciliation and modalities for One Naga National Government- to be worked out by FNR- should be heeded to by all the NPGs so that no stone is left unturned to resolve the Naga Political issue at the earliest since this is the burning desire and aspiration of every Naga all over the world.
9. How should the GoI read the ACAUT movement?
The ACAUT movement is a clear message to the GOI that the former’s appeal to the NPGs to come under one umbrella is a people’s initiative to strengthen the NNM. The refusal of the common man not to pay tax unless the NPGs unite should not be misunderstood by the GOI to undermine the NNM. The GOI should know that the NNM is dear to every Naga and the Historical and Political rights of the Nagas are at the core of our identity.
10. What is the ACAUT message to the GoI?
Resolve the Indo-Naga Political Issue at the earliest.
Issued by ACAUT Nagaland

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