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Monday, June 05, 2023
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What Is Philosophy? Why Not Philosophy in Nagaland?

By EMN Updated: Oct 04, 2021 10:41 pm

The term Philosophy means “love of wisdom”. In a broader sense, it is the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence, especially when considered as an academic discipline; it is closely related to values, reason, mind, language, mathematics, religion and politics, etc., and such questions are often posed as problems to be studied or resolved. Philosophical method includes questioning, critical discussion, rational argument and systematic presentation.

Why Philosophy is important because the study of philosophy enhances a person’s problem solving capacities. It helps to analyse concepts, definitions, arguments and problems. Not only that, it also helps to synthesize a variety of view or perspectives into one unified whole and contributes uniquely to the development of expressive and communicative power. It provides training in the construction of clear formulations, writing skills, good arguments and appropriate examples. Philosophy can also make one a good critic.

Philosophy connects to all the other subjects where its fundamental questions apply to all disciplines and addresses the full range of human experiences.

Philosophy is relevant to society through normative way as it brings some organized thinking about values, ethical theory and the haywire facts of human social arrangements into proper and rational discussion. Philosophy also is a process that benefits the whole of society in helping to build bridges between people and culture and heightens the demand for quality education for all.

While Society is very different today, we lean very heavily to science as its core, though philosophy is still striving towards figuring out what is truth and worthwhile, the advancement of science and technologies cannot literally teach beings how to act morally nor how to value human happiness over human misery. We cannot create an experiment that tests the nature of truth or the obtainability of knowledge through technologies. Science helps us live longer, whereas Philosophy helps us live better.

Why not philosophy as a major subject in Nagaland Institutions?

In conditions to change and trends, why not Philosophy in Nagaland?

 It is very much important to have the capacity to generate our society, politics, educational institutions and generation through sustainability in an ethical way. We need philosophy  in order to have a thorough discussion of what is morality. We must ensure that our children learn to think and question from an early age. We should shape their future with  high education qualities and morals. Most people deny or doubt the importance of Philosophy and do not truly and fully understand what Philosophy is all about, but they practice it on a day-to-day basis in their lives unknowingly.

Currently, Nagaland does not give much interest to this subject: Philosophy, as a required subject to students though many private and governmental educational institutions are highly developed, these institutions still lack the teaching or introduction of Philosophy  as a required subject for students. Philosophy can and should be taught in educational institutions because this is the ideal time for students to engage themselves in questioning, debatable arguments, and rigorous methods of thinking which will also help in developing their mental ability to withstand any problems which quick solutions and rational thinking. While comparing to other states, most mentors and teachers encourage the importance of Philosophy to their students but in Nagaland, we notice students having no idea one what Philosophy even is and that is why, this subject need to be introduced or given importance as much as we give importance to other subjects.

Educational Institutions, be it governmental or private, should introduce Philosophy as an optional subject or a major course.

In a fast developing and trending society,t he mental ability to think rationally is needed instead of depending in the Old Orthodox methods. Although we are living in the 21stcentury where the entire Human race is intellectually intellectual, not all humans are active with their intellectuals because they tend to focus more on their personal needs.

We see young people or parents emphasizing more on science, technology, engineering etc. but despite all these , we still need Philosophy for the betterment of our society to live together sustainably in an ethical way as stated above,

‘Science helps us live longer but Philosophy helps us live better.’

Peteneizo Talie
Rüsoma Village

By EMN Updated: Oct 04, 2021 10:41:16 pm